Suggestions to get FIL to elevate legs as he's developing heel ulcers.

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My FIL is 101 and spends his days sitting at the kitchen table. He is wheelchair bound so his legs aren't being elevated - he refuses to use the leg lifts on the wheelchair. He has developed heel ulcers. He has spent quite a few years "living" in the kitchen so we understand that that is where is comfort is. My wonderful next door neighbor gave him one of those chairs that helps the user out but he's refusing to even try it.

We are wondering if we had a TV installed in the living room, and a table that could slide over the chair if that might not help him make the transition. My FIL is fairly alert but can be so stubborn. Even the caregiver has tried her "magic" but she hasn't succeeded either.

Has anyone else had a similar situation and what, if anything, worked?



Just dont let him walk in them or he will fall. Other than that, just a pillow? Good luck.
If you FIL can't stand or walk a patient lift might make it possible to move him from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to recliner etc. Then it boils now to moving his legs into different positions with pillows to relieve pressure points that create the ulcers or bed sores. Their skin is so thin that is it difficult to prevent unfortunately. I would get a visiting nurse through you doctor out there to help treat the sores. Normally they came and change dressings and show you or his caregiver on how to treat them each day to avoid infections.

Good luck, it is difficult. Having tv available for him in a few rooms would be good too.
What if you put the recliner type chair in the Kitchen. The other room might seem foreign since like you said, he pretty much "lives" in the kitchen. An ottoman might also help?
Hi, I suggested two great places to get heel protection and it was all edited out, hence the short posting of mine above, sorry, guess we can't help each other as much as we want to.
I have made a leg stool for myself that is quite comfortable. The legs are supported at the calf level behind the ankles and the knees are in a slightly bent position. It can be moved anywhere in front of any couch or chair. I use it under my computer desk all day.

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