Elderly extremely picky about bed-making.

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I have been in home health care for 8 months. I have found, consistently, that the way to make their beds is almost compulsively insane. One woman had me make her bed 5 times until there was not one wrinkle left in the sheets. One woman had me do what I can only describe as an Origami fold between the top sheet and blanket. Another had me put the top sheet wrong side up so she could see the pattern when she pulled up the covers. Exact places of where pillows, large and small are stored is another demand. Yes, it IS a demand. What is with these clients? I know the majority of my clients have been raised in wealthy families but it seems unreasonable to me to be so obsessive and demanding about the minutia
of making a bed.


Oh, thats good to see.
Myold, some people are picky about how their beds are made. I am one of them, and I suspect you have some idiocincracies that you may not be aware of when making your bed. I am not that old, but have always been picky about how not only my bed is made, but even my kids when they were young.

And, the top sheet with the right side down, towards the mattress is the correct way. The purpose is so that when the bed is turned down you see the right side of the fabric on the top and bottom. With the weaving of some sheets there is also a texture difference between the right and wrong side, though usually quite subtle.
My daddys has the caregivers recheck the corners of the sheets sheets and blankets to line up and in the past he could care less about if the bed was made or not
I had Mom's HHA make her bed last week for the first time..
After she left I remade it..Lol

I always put the top sheet on upside down so when it folds over you can see the pattern. Lol
I agree Glad and Assandache, pattern down is the proper way.
As for the fussy complainers in the original post, it is a little bit much to insist on your own little quirks in an institutional setting (and no matter how high end or luxurious, ALs are institutions), if you are that danged anal you should hire in extra help to do things your way.
I learned to make beds in the late 50s as a student nurse. Hospital corners had to be 45 degrees, the bedspread overhanging exactly the same distance on each side. Top sheet folded over the blanket exactly the right number of inches, on and on.
Patients had to be in bed under the covers, not lying on top for a quick rest.
No one except the patient could sit on the bed.
After beds were made each morning the edges of the bedspread had to be flipped up over the bed till the cleaners had swept under the bed. After coffee break all spreads were flipped back down and the patients back in their beds scrubbed and polished ready for the Dr's rounds. Times they have changed.
while I find it nice to climb into a really well made bed, in practice I rarely make my bed lol
I think a well made bed is a generational thing and has nothing to do with " wealth". It has to do with the fact that in earlier generations, home economics (the proper way to keep house, including how to make a bed with neat corners and the top sheet folded over the blanket so that the hem pattern shows) was a serious subject for female students. If you follow their instructions or watch a youtube video on the subject, you will learn this technique which is easy and will cut down on frustration for all concerned.

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