Most recent news with rehab results for my Dad!

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Yesterday, the arm therapist, got my dad to move his left arm on his own, with no assistance. I was so happy I filmed it.

Later, the leg therapist and myself, walked him. Which was a work out.

Today, I decided to try something new. I needed items from the store, so I wheeled him out to the F250. He grabbed the door handle and pulled himself up. I held the gate belt, and made the left leg go where it needed to go, and up he went into the truck.
It was even easier getting him out.

My Uncle and I thought getting in and out of the truck was going to be an impossible feat, but it turned out to be easier to get him in the truck than getting him in and out of my uncle's car.

This put Dad on a high. When we got home, he was rolling all over the he had a sudden case of ADD. I was thinking to myself "Serenity Now!"

So, now, instead of being homebound, we are gonna look into doing outpatient rehab. This will give me 2 hrs every other day of respite, though I haven't any idea what I can do. Ideas at this point are a helpful thing. I done thought about reading and napping. I should probably see if there is a caregiver support group that could be available around that time...dont know though.

I'm not the shopper type, and people watching at wal-mart should be a last resort.


greyson, congrats on this victory for both of you. all your hard work seems to be paying off. perhaps your dad might also benefit from an adult day care? i think keeping up the momentum would be good. he knows now that he isnt totally confined to just the house. i wish my mom would reconsider the day care, its something we'll talk about on monday at her doctors appt.

i've got 2 hours to myself tomorrow too for the first time. and yeah, walmart was considered. i was thinking local library or park.. if you hear any ideas.. throw some my way.. why does this have to be so hard? what is it that you used to with a few hours free time? i worked so much that i didnt have any time. now this..
I fear the library. I'm afraid I'll fall asleep. I associate reading with sleeping, because its my sleep aide at night.

Maybe I can consider Banjo lessons. HAHA
Greyson, it's great to hear of the new found freedom for you guys!

Try an Alzheimer's Support Group. I started looking and couldn't find one here for just caring giving. My sister and a friend of mine said that even though mom doesn't have Alzheimer's some of the issues are the same. I called the Alzheimer's Association and they sent me a list of meetings and times. There are meetings during they day and nights. Maybe when you get a list then perhaps you can set your dad's appointment at the same time of the support group meeting.

Don't know if that will help, just a suggestion.
Fantastic news!!!! Tell your dad we are all very proud of him and wish him even more accomplishments. Too bad we don't have a place for pictures here. Think how proud Pop would be as an internet hero!! Also tell him that I am very proud of him for keepin' on keepin' on.
I go rock hunting on my 30 minute respite. I collect petrified wood and just pretty creek stones. It slows my head down, I get fresh air and some excercise. It's amazing how that helps on very stressful days.
Mabe you can take him BIRD watching, and I know you know what I mean by that:D
Thanks for posting something positive and exciting.God bless your little birdie heart!
Greyson, I found myself rejoicing with you. Congrats on the news. My mother attends an adult daycare. She goes there for 7 hours a day. In that 7 hours they do physical therepy . . . all we need is a script from the doc. It might be worth checking out. At first my mother was dead against it, but then it kind of grew on her. I don't know if it was a refuge away from me and my frustration, but now she actually enjoys going. What turned my mother around was they have a bus service that will pick her up from the house. My mother is able to walk to the bus, but they also have wheel chair assistance. My mother is on medicare and they will not pay for the daycare. So, it can get expensive, but it is soooo worth it. I think that is one reason I have been able to do this as long as I have. Think about it . . . it's pretty great! At the adult day care they have parties and people who come in and sing. They have current events. People bring there pets in. They play bingo and they feed them breakfast and lunch. It's nice. This might be an option for some of you out there. Anyway, I'm smiling with you Greyson.
Greyson! What wonderful news! I know you will enjoy whatever time you have to yourself. Back when I had a life I was into crafts, so I would do something along those lines if I had the chance. Or maybe you could learn a new craft. (in the past month I have made six full size afghans). Check with your locsl parks and recreation center and see if they have a senior citizens club. Mom belongs to three, and until her hearing declined I was able to drop her off and have a few hours to myself. Now I have to go with her to hear the things she misses. The groups that she attends have a variety of activities, local "fieldtrips", Bingo, Birthday parties once a month, and just a chance to meet other people. There are members that are wheelchair bound, on oxegen as well as those who are able bodied. Just a suggestion. So glad to hear about your Dad's progress. God bless you both.

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