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I found a couple informative elderly care websites that give accurate costs for various types of elderly care, where you can put in your state and the type of care you are searching for. They are....
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Ellenlenn, thanks for the information. I will bookmark it. From what the website showed for my immediate area, the cost were what I had thought it might be.
Glad it helped. Frankly, I was shocked to see the costs for my area!
The "Can you afford Assisted Living Calculator" on this aging care website, is very outdated in its cost estimates. Several times I've input my zip code, and level of care, etc and it says it will cost about $3600/month rent. However everything I've looked at in past 6 mos has been about $600-800 above that, and, does not include medication mgmt or assistance with bathing, etc. So the "Calculator " is way off the actual costs....I did follow thru with a phone call to the number on my screen (on Calculator page ) and it connected me to A Place for Mom.. I had a nice talk with the lady, and told her "did you know the calculator is really not accurate?" and I was offering it as constructive criticism, which she said she did not know to whom it should be passed along to. So I felt kind of stuck, knowing there are probably a few thousand people looking at that Calculator, and getting wrong or partially incorrect info. It could use some updating for sure.
Malloryg8r, any questions you have for the powers that be regarding the website, I have found they are great about answering any questions on this link https://www.agingcare.com/contactus.aspx

I have found some really good articles here on the website but they were dated 5 to 7 years ago.... wonder how current the information is in those articles. Those articles will pop up without a date on them, and it isn't until you scroll down to the "comments" you see the first comment is like 2009.

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