The elderly and their pets.

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Being an exhausted caregiver to elderly parents is one thing, but also having to care for their pets is quite another. I read so many posts where caregivers have double duty in this regard. My elderly parents have had a cat for ten years now. He is an outside cat, and the only thing he gets from them is food and water....and an occasional kick if he is underfoot. Taking him to the vet for shots, neutering, flea medication, or when he is sick or hurt is out of the question. So begs the question......Do elderly folks, who can't take care of themselves, really need a pet when someone else has to care for it?


This is where the idea of "Visiting Pets" is a good idea. Responsible owners share their pets for a few hours as a type of ministry. It's very sweet. It's the same feeling I get when my kids bring over their son. " it's just for a few hours" I tell myself. I've already done my job of raising kids. But, I digress:)
Someone on another thread spoke of their umpteen cats and was a little irate that a caregiver would want to eliminate some of them. Isn't ONE enough?! God Almighty Help Us, Please. Yea, everyone wants what they want, but if you can't take care of them yourself, have a care for the one having to accommodate you and all the animals. Enough is enough. But that's just me.
Yes ChristinaW, the program "Visiting Pets" is awesome. It is wonderful for the elderly in Nursing Homes to be able to see and pet the animals. However, when the elderly are homebound and they have pets, it can be such a burden for a caregiver. I suppose there is no good solution here. When they have had their pet for years, it would be very difficult and heartbreaking to take the animal away. And there are so many pets without homes. Just another hurdle for a worn out caregiver. Bless them everyone.
My Mom ,that never liked pets, gets such a kick out of my daughters dog. Mom has dementia and I started encouraging my daughter to bring "Dudley" a few months ago for short visits. She really gets a kick out of the extra visitor. Now she doesn't want a pet but I love seeing her smile.
My Moms dog is the trigger that puts me over the edge. It poops and pees everywhere...including the kitchen table! It has a great fenced in yard, will stay out for hours, then come in and PEE!
I can not WAIT until she "forgets" him! I have MORE than enough to do, thank you very much.
Boni, how about a little "stuffed" animal? One that barks and growls but doesn't make a mess. Or maybe silent, too...that would push me over the edge.
She loves that dog more than she loves me (she actually said that, but took it back when I got so hurt, I cried). The last time I mentioned the extra work, My brother (the one in denial that pays for everything) says...."We will keep him as long as he brings her joy".....and then slipped me a little $$$. But really, I agree with him..when he stops making her happy (she forgets him) that MF is OUTAHERE!

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