My mom passed away this morning. She bounced back and forth between 'rehab' and the hospital for the last month. Finally, her heart just quit.

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She was only 80. my 3 sibs wanted her to go home, I'm glad that didn't happen. they had no plan in place and had not thought things through at all. she was going to go on hospice but they couldn't agree on that either. we had a family meeting at the nh 2 days before she died and it was awful. unfortunately, even thought I had really worked on her - she had not signed a poa. so the whole family had to come to agreement about her care. got ugly. It feels really sad. she certainly wasn't the world's best mother, but it feels strange to say my mother has died. I'm an orphan. ;-( so we all meet tomorrow and try to agree on the arrangements, mom had purple cross so at least some of it is taken care of. I'll be glad when this part is all over. my partner and my mom had become quite good friends, we went over to help with paperwork, housework etc. my 3 siblings like my partner but got angry that she knew about finances. even tho my mom asked for the help! did I say I'll be glad when this is over?? and to top it all off our very best friend is 50 miles away with ovarian cancer. I've come to this site a lot since my mom became ill and it's been very helpful - sometimes just so I could say, 'well, at least it's not that bad for us!'. thanks guys for the help


I am sorry for your loss, and hate that you will have the sibling thing to face. I hope your mother's journey was peaceful . That is all we can hope for. Blessings to you and your family. Hugs....
Blessings to you, I pray that your family can come to terms and allow your mom to R.I.P. You are not an orphan, rather you have been blessed with a mom who sounds like has helped you become a caring and thoughtful person. Exhale and LIVE.
cath - i am sorry for ur loss , hope you ll find peace here soon .
hugs to you ,,
Sincere condolences on the loss of your mother. May it give you comfort to know that you did your best to act in her best interests.

I hope the family drama can be held to a minimum stress level and that you will soon have peace in your life.
I am sorry to hear about your mother's death and the drama with the siblings which seems rather standard. I do hope that your mother wrote a will and someone knows where it is and that it does not put you in the hot seat of having to execute it in probate. I hope the family drama will defuse soon. It is sad also to hear of your best friend's battle with ovarian cancer. My SIL was diagnosed with that 11 years ago for the combination of the experimental treatment and the usual treatment at Duke Hospital worked a miracle for her. I hope your friend finds a miracle as well.
Hi cath, I grieve with you. My mom died almost 3 mths ago. I understand your feeling like an orphan. But your not. You hold your mom in your heart. You will find as time goes by it gets easier. I'm sorry for the added stress of non united siblings. I'll send a prayer for peace your way.
thank you all for your support. it means a lot
so sorry to hear of your Mom's death. But just think she is in a better place and no more pain for her. It will take time for you to adjust but you will. I lost my mom in 05. I still miss her but you can rest easy knowing you were a great daughter and did all you could for her. God Bless you and give you strength every day.
Cath, so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. The feeling of being an "orphan" really hit home with me...I know that is how I will fee,l too. I am saddened that your sibs could not get it together for your Mom's sake. I think when we become adults our lives follow different courses and it is rare that everyone is on the same page. Take care and I hope you will come here, just not for advice and solace, but to help others who are just starting this journey.

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