My mom is having a test soon. Colonosotopy. I'm so scared for her.

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What does this all mean? I took mom to doc. last week, and he said she needs to have this test soon because she is anemic, and they have to figure out where her blood is going. He said possibly internal bleeding. I'm just really scared for her, and whats going on with her.
I've been caring for & living with mom for over 2 years. I love my mom alot, and really would do anything to help her, and have, believe me. Alot of times we haven't got along, and I just wish it hadn't been that way, but living with family is no cup of tea. She also has a slight case of dementia, and that disease does nothing but rob families from being truly together. We get along better now then we did like a year ago, because you just have to make compromises, and decide if your really going to see your loved one through, if you feel they can't live alone anymore. So back to the test? Has anyone had one of these test done? What should I expect? Just so nervous about the results. He also said sometimes they don't find anything, but mom's main symtom is nasesua. Any info would be great. Thanks:))


Yes, my mother was bleeding profusely from the rectum and they did a colonoscopy on her a few years ago. I was pretty freaked out too as she lived with me and all of sudden lots of blood. She went to the hospital & had the colonoscopy. It is a small tube that goes up through the rectum into the colon. There is a camera on it so the doctor can see all that is going on inside of the colon. It is watched on a sceen & you will have picutres of what they find when it is over. It is not a difficult procedure and it will help the doctor pinpoint what it going on. In my mother's case, it was something that was treatable by diet & she is doing fine now & came through the procedure fine. She was 82 at the time and is bi-polar. She was more upset with the laxative given to clean her out, it wore her out going to the bathroom. Hope this helps. I was more upset than she was but she is going to be 90 this week. Still going strong, just a little slower.
Plus with the colonoscopy they give the person versed which makes you just loopy enough that not only do you NOT care what they do to you, but you can't remember any pain or discomfort later.
Yes. I've had that procedure, twice. It is recommended for people over a certain age, every so many years, whether there are any symptoms or not. The procedure itself is not difficult or painful. The preparation is hideous, in my opinion. It is annoying for a healthy person and for someone with dementia it may be very stressful. It is worthwhile for healthy persons (it revealed cancer for one of my cousins, which probably saved his life by catching it and treating it early). And it is worthwhile for persons with dementia if they have any symptoms it can help diagnose. We have stopped doing them routinely for my husband with dementia.

Save your worrying for after the procedure, if it reveals something to worry about. You don't need to worry about the test itself. Just be prepared to spend the day before encouraging and comforting your mother as she goes through the preparation.
My Dad had a colonoscopy in November, and he hasn't been the same since, he is 87. He had one 2 years prior, and had one polyp removed. I wish I knew then what I know now, after researching I found out that alot of colonoscopies, on the elderly are performed unneccesarily.

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