My father past away and has said his last "goodnight."

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I found this site a few months ago and have found a lot of support in reading about other experiences and getting responses from others. I wanted to let everyone know that last week my father lost his battle with pneumonia. If anyone would like to hear about any details, just ask. It's almost time to sleep here now, and I cannot describe how it aches me to not have him coming out of his room to give a little wave and say "goodnight."


I understand. I lost my father back in two months ago and it is rough. He had his leg amputated about 3 or 4 years ago and he was really depressed after that happened and then as time passed he seemed to be better with the amputation. He was also on dialysis which I believe took a toll on his body and for the last 3 months before he passed he was in and out of the hospital and basically had given up on life, they called it failure to thrive. I was so used to seeing him roll out of his room in his wheelchair. I miss him so much but he was suffering so bad.
my heart aches for u guys . i still have my dad . it would just kill me when his time comes and am not lookin fwrd tothat .
god bless you guys for heart aching for ur pa .
sorry for ur loss . xoxoxo
Thanks, I'm new to this site I just signed up today.

In my family we don't mourn someone's passing. We celebrate their life. Still, I can't hold back the tears back when I remember Dad slowly going to sleep in my arms as I bathed him 13 years ago. The last thing he said was "Thank you."

I'm letting them flow right now. They cleanse me and help me cope with the pain of not having him around. Yet his memory is that extra source of strength when I feel weak. As Celine Dion said, "I'm everything I am because [he] loved me," and all I can do is share that love with my sons, the grandkids, ... and you.

Stay strong my friend.

-- ED
I'm so very sorry for your loss, Robert. Thank you for the words of wisdom you have shared in answering folks' questions and hearing their vents. I'm told that the very memories that bring pain today will bring peace one day. I hope that becomes truth for you.
Take care.
Your heart ache will turn to sweet memories eventually.
GOD give you comfort in your mourning and peace in your pain.
Your father has gone on to be with his father and our FATHER.
They watch over us now.
Robert I am sorry for your loss but I rejoice in the help that you have supplied me. You've been an inspiration to us all. Stay with us as we still need you here for guidance.

Your dad was a lucky fella to have you.
Robert, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your father. I can remember the newness of my dad's passing, the sadness, the awful aching in my heart, the disbelief that he was no longer here to hug. I really understand how you're feeling. I hope you will take time to grieve, I believe it is a favor you can do for yourself. You're always going to miss your father and as GodHelpUs said, your sweet memories will become priceless. I also agree with Pamela, you have shared your experiences and knowledge with us so please don't stop.
I am sorry for your loss as well, but that is the nature of it. We are only here for a short time and what we make of it with each other in that time counts. I just wish more people would realize how short a time we actually have here and to make the best of it with all of us. At least he is no longer suffering, it is us who are left that do the remaining suffering. Just hang on to all the wonderful moments and the the things you acheived with your father and most importantly if they were a loving, nourishing parent, you have rich memories.
Are you able to sleep?
I can't imagine but know our time is coming ....

Please stay with us?

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