Elder abuse by the elders.

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Many caregivers especially on the forum are themselves elders and sometimes really elderly. If their loved one has not been deemed incompetant and therefore can direct their own afairs and refuses to be guided by their caregiver can they be seen as elder adusers even if they are abusing an elder younger than themselves. So many caregivers have grown up in disfunctional homes where they were abused often violently by their parents and now find themselves in the caregiving position. The abusive parent continues to abuse their adult caregiving child. so my question is "Is the caregiver suffering elder abuse"?

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Yes, absolutely the caregiver is abused and often vilified to authorities. At the same time they are "co-dependent" and can't let go. Years of dysfunction have led them to believe they are worthless, that they owe something to their parents, and they are obligated to take the abuse for the rest of their life.
It's a massive lifelong guilt card game.

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