During the night my husband sat up and said he saw a little girl in the room. Then said,"it must just be my imagination". Hallucination?

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This is the first time he said that, will there be more or was this a one time event?


If your husband admitted that it must have been his imagination he might have been just dreaming. I'd give him a pass on this one and keep your eyes open for anything similar. When people have dementia they don't realize that what they're seeing isn't real. Your husband realized what he saw wasn't real. If it happens again consider taking him to the Dr.
I would probably mention it to his doctor, but if he's not losing sleep, frightened or having anxiety, I would explain that to the doctor as well.

I recall how my cousin would say things to me like ask whether things were real or not. I wasn't sure what she meant. She seemed to think she was dreaming. Then she would see little animals in the room, a local weather man in her room for a visit and a couple of other things that never upset her. She was amused by them and actually found them entertaining, so it was never a source of fear or anxiety for her. I guess not all hallucinations are scary, though, they still should be reported to the doctor so they can monitor him.
I swear that the message I wrote awhile ago was posted but perhaps I forgot to click the "post comment" button.

My question was whether or not he takes Ambien, which has been known to cause hallucinations.
My Mom had a brief period of seeing others. I read more on the Alzheimers website and tried to follow their suggestions. I would remove her from a room that had 'bugs' or noisy children. It (blessedly) didn't last long. Just another thing to ride out.
Not on Ambien, only 5 mg Aricept as 10 mg made his extremely tired. Seems fine this morning.
I would check for uti... Just to be sure...

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