Durable power of attorney.

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My mother sign for DPOA for me when she was in the nursing home. My mother and father own a home together my mother passed in 2006, my father now is in a nursing home, can I use DPOA for her interest in the home, she wanted me to transfer the deed to my name, so I did in 2008. Is there any thing wrong with what I did and I also have conservator for my father. So, when I transfered the deed I signed my name and put POA/Conservator. So, I would protect my mother's interest the way she wanted it and my father as well. My father was declared incapacited by courts and I was appointed conservator.

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NO any kind of POA ends at death. The Executor of her estate then takes over and follows the instruction in her Will. If you were her Executor and named as heir, then OK.

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