My sister is on dialysis and needed help in first month. Daughter-in law provided the help. Insurance claimed coverage for this, but...

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The supplementary insurance has been in effect for ~15 years. But to collect for services Ins. requires setting up daughter-in law as employee with relevant taxes and red tape. My sister is unable to do this and I'm not close by plus working fulltime. So she wants to drop the insurance. I said this would waste 15-years of payments and make any insurance proceeds due unrecoverable. I realize payments to family members is a touchy situation but I welcome your comments.

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I wouldn't drop the supplementary insurance without a lot of research. Is this a Medicare insurance supplement? That will be needed for many other things. From the little I can tell, I wouldn't drop it unless you know that something better is available. This issue with paying family for care is common and frustrating, but that is only one incident. I'd suggest that you be very cautious about dropping coverage.

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