Does anyone have info on the use of Enbrel for Alzheimer's?


Does anyone have info on the use of Enbrel for Alzheimer's? I heard about a case in CA where the patient regained some cognitive function after a spinal injection of enbrel. Thanks.

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We went down for appt. they basically show you videos then explain the procedure. Then wanted $500 just to see the Dr for eval which was simply him questioning us about how long and what simptoms. Then the quote was $5000 for 1/2 a day med eval + 2000 for first month of treatment then $1600 a month there after PLUS the cost of the drug EnBrel at $250 per injection. The $1600 never changes whether for 1 shot a month or 4. So bottom line is $2600 per month. No contract to continue treatment. They pitch that it probably will be cheaper then providing care in the long run. They claim it is a cure and in most cases with continued use can at minimum (if they are responsive at all) atleast keep the patient where they are at stopping the progression. We decided to through away the $500 just to get all the info we could. Later have red in net of one person paying only $300 for that stage. He was a croniuc pain patient that said he got very little if any relief. They indicated that the videos at their site are average and not the best. We are in the process of doing more diligence before laying out what we figure woould be $8000 just to give it a try for one month. We are waitng for our Kaiser Dr to call us to see what he knows about it. But we are certain Kaiser HMO would no way cover us as it is being used "off label" or the EnBrel drug although FDA approved is being used in this case for a different use then it was approved for. One lady I read on the net felt she was being sold when she went in as if she were buying a timeshare and I can understand why but that stilll says nothing about the treatment itself. So continuing to do diligence. Can't help but feel they may come back with a better offer. They said they would be contacting us within a week after they obtain our med records from Kaiser. I just don't know at this point guys. Heard the drug may come off of license in 2012 but in this case the drug itself is cheaper than the so called patented delivery method. I don't mean to maline nor promote at this point. God Bless you all.

I have information on embrel used for alzheimer's patients. There was tv news coverage of it for one da in early January in LA and I saw it. It was a small study at UCLA. There were no clinical trials and there is no FDA approval for embrel to treat Alzheimers. I contacted Dr. Smalls office/ Center for Aging. (310) 794-0676. The exec admin is Helen Burman. I also wrote down the name Dr. Edward Tobinick. (310) 824-6191. I forget exactly who was doing the research but these numbers should take you there. When I spoke to them in January they were setting up appointments to meet with potential patients. Good luck!

I have never heard of using embrel for alzheimers.
my husband takes these injections for his psoriasis.