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I go to my kids doctor and let her know what is happening with her patient and she don't care at all. Her excuse is to tell him go to therapy i say what. So what I did give her a report in what is happening with him and what my plan is to call APS and I did she probably scared cause I am getting her into trouble in not taking care of her patient and when family is asking for help she says tell him go therapy what will that do when he is a very sick man and has Dementia..Doctor tells that to my daughter we mad about that. This is the 2nd time I did this to her and she doesn't get it when we are asking for help. First kids Social worker she helped me out and got a behavioral specialist for me cause his doctor refuse to do that for us and she got introuble cause of kids sw for not helping family out when it comes to siblings under age of 12 years of age and wants there dad to get better. So now I called APS and she is in trouble again for not doing her job when we asking for help. I hate doctors who don't care about there patients.


Could you find another doctor that specializes in geriatrics? It sounds like your partner's problems are beyond his doctor's capabilities. Perhaps it would be best to switch doctors.
He won't go to another doctor at all even I recommend one. I am just waiting on APS to get back to me hates waiting. We as a family discussed everything and we want him out. Can't take it no more life is on hold doctor don't give a shit therapist no help refuses to take meds so on. Hate taking care of sick people like him.
So you want your partner to be placed in a care center? Is that what you want the doctor to do -- say that he needs or at least is qualified for a care center? Has the doctor had a chance to examine him recently? You say this is your kids' doctor -- is she a pediatrician? If so, she would not be qualified to diagnose or treat a condition of old age, such as dementia.

The behavioral specialist that the social worker got for you -- how is that working out?

I hope you get satisfaction with APS.
Doctors don't care he has not seen in months APS don't care he is not being Abused at all for him to go to a care center its not easy at all. APS says he passed test his brain still there and he is capable to do things on his own lol i say. You don't live with him and you don't know what it is like to be living with him. APS contacted my daughter she begging please don't shut us out we need help they say they going to try and see what they can do we not giving up. I tried all resources and no go unless that person is a VETERAN and he is not a VETERAN.
The behavioral specialist says my kids are not supposed to be alone with there dad unless a grown up is with them. So put it this way my daughter and I always has to be home with him unless I leave and do errands she has to be here with them. School days are ok weekend are issues I have things to do i can't bring my kids with me everywhere i go so my oldest daugher stays home with them cause he cannot be alone with them. My daughter life is on hold no college no job cause she is so stressed out in dealing with her father cause I am at work and we can't leave him alone at all someone has to be home with him at all times. Life Sucks
MissSassy4864 I think you have asked the APS the wrong questions. You know he is not being abused. That is not the issue. The issue is you are going to evict him from your home. He will then be homeless.

If he is not judged to be mentally incompetent then you cannot force him into a care center. But you can force him out of your house. THAT is what you should be telling APS. This man is going to be homeless. What can they do to help him?
I can't evict him from home and have him live in streets. The only option i have is to spike his food with his meds or put him into a group home and he will refuse to go to that. Only therapist can do that and he won't do that at all cause he will refuse to go. I am working on something and its going to take time to get where I am with him. Spoke with his therapist and we going to try to get him help and take meds 2 times a day only way for him to be with family. Stressed out life is on hold for us and nothing we can do for him people with disability always win and other side looses battle..
Of course you won't let him be homeless. But APS needs to know that you are serious about having him out of the house and that they need to prevent him from being homeless.

I hope you are successful with the medications. Caregiving someone who is uncooperative, even someone you love, is extremely stressful. My heart goes out to you.

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