The doctors have deemed my aunt unable to live on her own.

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I would like to know what in the world is going on in the state of Arizona.


lbclync, could you give us more information regarding your Aunt. There has to be a reason that the doctors feel that your Aunt is unable to live on her own. What type of testings was she given?
The doctors say she is a fall risk and gets confused. I agree with the doctors that she is not able to live on her own as she is incontinent and cannot clean up the bedding properly etc. The gentleman from ALTCS gave her a perfect on her cognitive skills which I do not understand that. I told her that her brother passed away last week and then she could not understand why her brother did not answer his phone this week........I cannot afford to pay for assisted living as I have 4 children of my own with 3 in college and one heading off there next year!!!!
This is my first time ever posting on this site as well. It appears that my entire question did not come up the first time. Some important facts for you to know: My aunt lives in Arizona and I live in Indiana. We have liquidated her assets at fair market value and have spent her money down. Between social security and pension, her monthly income is about 1500.00 per month. We have wonderful senior placement agent who has got her a place to stay for $2000.00 per month. Mind you that does not include scripts, incontinence supplies, or Ensure as she weighs a whopping 86 pounds and is 5' 8" tall!!!!
Jb, unless you are your aunt's legal guardian, of course you don't have to pay any shortage for the place that your aunt stays in. Unless your aunt is on Medicaid, however, neither does the cash-strapped state of Arizona. Many elders can "showtime" long enough to complete a cognitive test and not be able to care for themselves on their own. Has she applied for Medicaid? Will the new place to stay accept Medicaid money for placement and cover her needed personal care services? I agree with you; I know that I would not have $500+ a month extra to pay for my in-laws' care. A senior placement agent should be able to give you the info to get your aunt's applications for assistance started. The state of Arizona cannot force your aunt if she is deemed "competent" by law to stay anywhere she doesn't want to NOR can you be forced to pay for it. If she is not competent, the state of Arizona can seek emergency guardianship and find her a place to stay that is within her financial limits. If your aunt spent her money down properly without gifting assets etc., she should begin the process of applying for Medicaid. You may need to use her assets to get legal advice from an attorney familiar with Arizona's Medicaid system as each state administers Medicaid in its own way and Medicare does not pay for custodial care or depends/incontinence supplies or the copays for prescriptions unless you are deemed very low income. A good lawyer is worth every penny to get the proper info.
jbclync, sometimes elders with memory issues are real good at "showboating" meaning they can appear and act normal while at the cognitive skill test.

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