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family members,came over to play cards.We,talked about cold temps,for days ahead.We,live in,weather just getting really cold. I,said Tuesday Dr.'s going to be freezing. She,yelled in front of eveyone;Iam not going.And;kept saying,it.My hubby yelled back,alright we heard you. So;now to keep the peace,I have to re shechule.She,only goes twice a yr.We,need appt. for meds&to tell her Progression of Dementia


My mom doesn't have Alzheimers, but I don't tell her we're doing something ahead of time because she'll say she doesn't want to do it. It's easier to sit at home than get dressed and go out. So now I just show up and announce, "We're going to the doctor." I get her dressed and we're out the door. Even if she says she doesn't want to go, I start getting her dressed. In my family, having an "appointment" takes precedence over how you feel about it. That sense of obligation is strong (thankfully).

I also typically pair it with something she likes, so we'll go to lunch afterwards or go shopping. Is there something your mom likes to do, that you can "reward" her with after the doctor's appointment?
Tuesday morning is going to be mighty cold. I don't blame anyone for not wanting to get out in it. It is going to warm some in the middle of the week. I hope you can get another appointment soon.

My mother had a bad habit of cancelling doctor appointments. She cancelled so many times with one that he dropped her as a patient. She called to apologize and said she would be better. The doctor -- her opthamologist -- took her back. Since that time she hasn't cancelled any appointment with any doctor. A little shaming from the upper levels worked like a charm. It never worked when I tried to talk her into going.
I don't tell my Mom about any appts. until that day. I get the same response. I also make sure no one has her phone number all reminder calls come to me!

I wouldn't reschedule. It's just putting off the inevitable, she'll complain when it's time for the new appt..Just get it over with now! Big deal it's cold my Mom has a DR appt Tuesday and the high temperature is 14*, she'll survive! Warm up the car, bundle up and off she goes..
Well, here in Iowa it's too cold to go anywhere. We just had to reschedule my mom's neurology appointment but the next one we could get was in April; better not be cold then :) My mom really fusses about coming to see this doctor. She says the doctor only talks to us and not to her (not really true, but she tells the doctor things are fine, etc. and then we have to find a polite way to tell the doctor what has really been going on--she forgets to take her meds, she couldn't remember how to make something, she left the oven on, etc.) I like the advice about not telling her about the appointment until it's time to go, if that will work in your situation. Good luck!
I let mom cancel hers, Buffalo will have gusts of 60mph and wind chills -30. She was grinning because she won the argument.
Well, fortunately for me mom has no doctor appointments scheduled until March! Mom always complains about appointments (says it's just a money maker) until she realizes I'm not backing down.....yeah....I'm the appointment police! Last time mom had a hair appointment 10 minutes down the street ( it had snowed 1-2 inches) all I heard was "I just don't think it's necessary." She acted like she was the one driving or that I had never drove in the snow before....I've always said she gets irritated because it's time away from the TV! :p
I'm not sure I'm going to keep my own appointment on Tuesday. I sure wouldn't take my mother anywhere unless it was an emergency.
Wondering how many of MY clinic patients are going to show up tomorrow..I have to go in and take care of inpatients in any event, so I'll be there for anyone nuts enough to go out in the cold for a rehab clinic visit. Seriously, we don't like no shows/no calls and last minute calls...EXCEPT if we know it was weather related we take those in stride and reschedule ASAP, plus cover Rx refills till whenever "ASAP" turns out to be.
Schools are closed in my state tomorrow. I don't know how it will be by Tuesday.

The real risk is a delay on the road. Even if you are all bundled up and snug in the car, sitting in a pool of exhaust fumes or in an unheated vehicle while waiting for an accident to clear (for example) would be very traumatic and possibly dangerous.

School children are staying home and so should elders, in my opinion -- at least while wind chill warnings are in effect.
Well in our case, We only have to drive 2 miles.. My car is in a garage and we can park right in front of DR office...

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