Do you ever have nightmares....

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about adding another person/people to your household or nearby? Especially if they have Mental Health or Physical issues yet you have enough people to to take care of who already have those issues? Or even someone with no issues but you know wont help, It really just made me gasp for air in the dream and when I woke up.. the dream was realistic and will be coming true soon..I was telling myself in the dream I cant do this Im already burnt out and I broke down in the dream...Plus add dysfunction!!!!!

Just curious!!!

Hope your alls day get some peace and rest!!! Hugs to all!!!!


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Throughout decades I've have multiple loved ones dependent on me for their care (in varying degrees). At one time I was juggling five elders in three different living situations as well as two young children - one with chronic health issues. An elderly woman moved next door and I had much the same reaction as you- I literally had nightmares. I felt that I should be on call for her as well as all of the others, but I simply couldn't handle more and deep inside I knew it.

Eventually, I saw that she had plenty of family help and I cautiously made friends with her enough so that she could call me in an emergency, but I didn't get so close as to be involved in all of her issues. We all have a limit. So do you. Please try to help others but protect yourself, as well. We have to be realistic to some degree or we'll go down too.
ME1000, your body is trying to tell you not to do this. You plate is full. Remember what happened to BoniChak. Listen to your body, just say NO.
You have helped a lot of people Carol, thank you for what you do and your advice.

You to Pamstegman, yes I remember what happened to BoniChak, how is she? I need to get more active on the board and see what everyone else is up to besides me!! Thank you to for your advice.
3930 helpful answers
Staying active in the community will help you help yourself, Me1000. In the process, you'll help others. That's how it works. We share versions of the same type of life - even though there are many differences. Take care of yourself and protect some boundaries for yourself. That's the only way to survive this journey somewhat in tact : )

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