I am discouraged to hear comments from siblings of caregivers.

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I quit my job and moved out of state to care for both my parents. I love them so and they are such a blessing to me. That being said, I have lost all of my own security. My parents support myself and my son. They also give me 1,000 dollars a month so I can make my car payment and buy my son something once in awhile. They put in there will I would inherent their old in need of repair house so I wouldn't be homeless one day. I have eight siblings. I wish one of them would have stepped up but they co


Please make sure you have a letter from their doctor stating that you are caring for them and keeping them from being in a nursing home. This will protect you from Medicaid evicting you after they pass.
Thank you. I hit send before I said I think my siblings are grateful. I don't think I could bare them somehow being resentful. This is the hardest thing Ive ever done but when my parents hold hands and sing to each other It warms my heart. I feel it is the only way to keep them together. Im so scared I made the worst decision for myself and my son. There is no succeeding financially in this situation it is all a matter of love on their part and mine. I am executor and POA. I have no idea if that is legal. I hate talking about this stuff because some people think this is about gain. It isn't, it's about surviving.
My siblings really cooperated in the care of my parents. The main responsibility was mine, but they pitched in when needed. What a blessing it was!

I hate hearing about siblings who only make things worse. Blessings to you.
I would make sure your parents have their Wills properly executed and the originals in a safe place where you can get to them. Don't count on something happening that is not in the Will. If it's not written in the Will, it shouldn't be carried out. I see people get messed up on that. Don't assume anything. The nicest people turn into very selfish and greedy people when there is a death in the family. It's very sad, but true. It happens in most families, even when you thought it wouldn't.
Neski51, I was referring to siblings, not you in my post above. You have sacrificed a lot to care for your parents. Just make sure what you have coming to you is legal and in writing.
Thank you all. I find it impossible to talk to them about this. I love them both so much. I never asked my dad for anything. He sent me the will after I agreed to come stating the house was willed to me.It isn't worth much but It is what he had to give. He thanks me everyday. I have the most amazing parents and I am blessed.
Let's hope he had an attorney prepare the Will and all is in order. If it's a handwritten will, I'd have it reviewed. There state laws about what is legal and what the wording has to be to be honored. When it comes to a very important matter, I would double check on it. I'm not sure why you would need to tell your siblings. If they knew, they might try to get your parents to change their mind. That's not good. Plus, it seems logical that the adult child carrying for the parents in their old age, would get the house. Makes sense to me.

Oh, does your mom have her Will too?

And as Pamstega suggested above, I'd get documentation that you are keeping your parents in their home by caring for them there. You would want protection from Medicaid recovery if your parents ever need nursing home care. I would read up on that and make sure that you are protected. You might even consult with an Elder Law attorney who knows Medicaid laws. They can review the matter and give you detail information.

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