I'm so disappointed! Fake posters on here.

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I was so happy when I found AC. I was in need of knowledge and support in my caregiver role.

I did find many supportive answers and have made in my heart friends.

But lately I read questions/answers that I know are not real.. How can someone be so cruel?

I know just ignore them! But they more than often ruin a question by making it become off topic..

I just don't know if ANY questions are real or not..

It's sad to think that another caregiver is where I was last year and needs support and some mean spirited person is answering their question with bad intentions....

Why do some people have to ruin a good thing?


i was on here a few days ago, noticed something suspicious, like you are describing. it was a question about a man swimming at home in a pool. the poster was supposedly upset about it because it was her husband, he was normally she about even wearing shorts, so she said it was upsetting, despite the fact that no one in the neighborhood could possibly see what happens.

it just didn't sit right with me. i clicked on it anyway and up popped a swimming pool advertisement. i couldn't believe it, what an amazing coincidence. the more i clicked on it the more this annoying ad kept popping up, and it's never happened before like this.

that prompted some research to find out who the poster was.

like you said, it was a total mystery. a fly by night hit and run poster, with no background, almost no information, and no history of any activity on this website.

i'm a researcher, basically, by profession. and have a background in systems engineering, with probably the top computer company in the world. this site is corrupt as hell. i hang out here for another week because i'm learning a few things that help me with the care of my mother. after that i'm done with this place. the adware, malware and other such foul ware attacking my computer aren't worth the minimal benefits at this point, three months into it.
p.s. i don't think this is a situation like you described, mean spirited people looking for entertainment. based on my research this is a for profit pagan site that is in it for the advertising revenue and other such monetary benefits. there are countless people latching on to this site as a forum to sell their wares. reminds me of the money changers in the temple. unless Jesus show up and tips over the tables it's my guess it's only going to get worse around here.
dusty, I for one, will be happy when you leave our site.. never in all my years on this site have I read such crap coming from one person..... if it is 'demon infested' , it wasn't that way until you started posting.....if you are so disturbed by the ads which are necessary to keep us up and running... why wait..... get off now...... I can't speak for assa, but to me, you are who she was talking about.....you take up space for people who need and appreciate this site and in no way feel the way you do.... why don 't you 'research' malcontent...... or even the term 'bully'..... I'll be glad when you are gone..... that is silly to wait another week .... just another thing you rattle on about that makes no sense....
Dusty I have no problem with ads!! As LadeeM said without ads this wonderful site would not exist..

Just give it a break!! Leave already!! You can find your answers somewhere else. Stop threatening me, I don't care if you leave. I have enough whining to deal with on a daily basis..

Now look at that! You have made me disappointed again and I have resorted to saying something not supportive.. But I refuse to apologize..

I personnelly have found AC to be very helpful and comforting. If I didn't I wouldn't waste my precious time on here..

I recently was in the market for a brass floor lamp. I shopped around online, checked out various places that sold lamps, and then moved on to other things. The next day, guess what happened?

An ad for brass lamps appeared on my laptop, as if summoned from the deepest pits of hell by lamp demons!

The same thing happened when my husband was researching electric cars online. Ads for electric cars came up. Demonic ads. They wouldn't stop coming, no matter how much incense we burned or how much holy water we scattered about.

Of course we summoned an exorcist right away, because we didn't want demons possessing our computers. The exorcist came highly recommended, and he even looked a little bit like the actor who played Father Damien in the movie "The Exorcist," but even he couldn't help us. The demons had taken control.

The only way to stay out of the clutches of the demons that are possessing this site is NOT TO GO TO THIS SITE!
This site is a godsend for caregivers. Yes, you get the trollers, looneys and fakers, but you soon learn to spot them. Concentrate on the posters who support and help you with your situations. What I am curious about this site is why some of the words in the postings are being underlined and when clicking the underlined words and ad pops up and opens a tab that takes you to that advertisement!!!!! This is something new.
This site has grown in an unbelievable way !!! In order to keep us up and running, there has to be advertisements..... I personally have not had this experience.... but possibly it leads you to a product you have asked about or may need.... don't know... as I said.... people have no idea how many people are on this site.... and it takes money to keep us here, safe, informed, and able to talk with others with similar experiences..... There are a lot of new things on AC that wasn't here when I first came here..... I can access a lot more information without having to search the internet for hours....so I say HOORAY to Admin for keeping us up and running... we have no idea how hard they work to keep this site going.... and they do not owe us an explanation..... take what you need and leave the rest... simple...
I visit this site on my smart phone and never have any of the problems pop up that have been mentioned. Add me to the list of people who will be glad to no longer hear from Dusty. What a crackpot. What's sad however is that she will go on being an expert in all issues in life, computers, stocks, religion, research, legal matters and of course caregiving. Perhaps we should all send out good vibes through the universe for those who have her in their life. Amen.
shakingdustoff, I started getting lots of popup ads on here, which was weird because that had never happened before. Just beefed up 'Adblock' and did a sweep of Malware etc. and it's back to normal. No prob.
assandache7, I agree it is sad to have spammers here, well, anywhere. You never know whos being honest. For me, I haven't realized any spammers on here ( haven't been on as long as most of you) and I am probably "missing" the signs of one anyways. You have a good point.

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