I disagree with the facilities answer.

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I wrote a question regarding giving my mom her meds myself. There were dosage mistakes made by the facility, documented. They have chairs outside the med station, you can walk by and see pills on the floor, i have seen one resident give her pills to another. It happens a lot. My morher is 95 and does not suffer from dementia but needs assistance with other things. The facility says they have to administer meds. I think its bunk and I will fight it.


Perhaps this is their policy, but is there any reason why you can't be there when meds are distributed? Then you can be certain she is receiving her proper medication and that she is actually taking it. On the other hand, if she needs meds several times throughout the day how were you going to arrange to be there? Try to work with the facility, they can't all be incompetent and making enemies won't get you what you want.
When you disagree with an answer it is best to post that right in the original thread, so the full discussion makes sense. Don't worry -- we all have to get used to posting protocol!
If my mom or dad was in facility, and presciption meds were laying about on the floors, I would take out my phin and videotape this, and show it to APS or and the state inspector resresponsible for NH. That has got to be several health or medical code violations all rolled into one. Not only is problem with illegal dispensing of RX medication to someone who is not ingended recipient, but its a slip & fall hazard. Oooh so many things could go wrong here with this picture. Report it!
You report it to both the joint commission and the ombudsman.
I agree with the other comments, I would also be researching other facilities.

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