Difficulties for seniors should be seen as a disease of aging.

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Would like to see the American Medical Association identify advanced aging as a medical disease of those requiring help with daily skills and see custodial care as a necessary medical coverage for seniors. If alcoholism, drug addiction and mental disorders physical disabilities are considered diseases that can be covered under medicaid for the poor, why can't seniors have the same consideration for their progressive physical disabilities under medicare?


That is a fantastic idea.
The aging process begins at birth so you are advocating from birth to death all humans who have the disease of aging should receive Medicare? Seniors(age 65+) receive every conceivable service rather it be medicaid, medicare, home health, hospice, meals on wheels, food stamps, housing, free cell phones, transportation, etc.etc., nursing homes, assisted living, Senior living complexes. If indigent it is medicaid. If middle class, all others Part B and Part D insurance for clinic and prescription costs. The taxpayer in this nation provides for its elders. The first financial support system should be family, the organized religions, community and service organizations.Medicare is not an option as the program is broken from questions asking Medicare to cover more and more services.SK

Medicare is a wonderful thing, but think how the needs, wants, demands of our elderly have changed since its beginning. Without sounding harsh, there has been a shift in what is available to our elderly and also in what they demand: kidney dialysis, new knees, ankles, shoulders, hearing aides, lens implants, etc. etc. Already families shirk their duties - it's someone else's problem. I do think the longterm care policies are including more home care, adult day care, etc. in stead of only nursing home, which I think is one way to support families as they try to care for their own.
I truly do not understand the concept that the government should be involved our personal life and take care of our health issues.
If you find a cure for this disease do let us know.
When my grandparents were alive, they did not live as long as seniors do now, but many seniors don't necessarily live a life of quality in my observations. Most of them live longer and have more and more illnesses and setbacks to deal with than ever, not sure I want to live to be that old if all I do is contend with my health 24/7/365.
I think that some people have gotten so use to the government system helping them that now, it's seems that the govt, suppose to take care of us all the time. Some of these people have never worked either. Even though it may not seem a lot of help, it does add up to the deficit n it is better than no help.
Bonny, I think I have to agree with you about not won't to live to be old for someone else having to take care of me 24/7 either.
Peoplepleaser, I sure hope what ya mention will be true about, "I do think the longterm care policies are including more home care, adult day care, etc. in stead of only nursing home, which I think is one way to support families as they try to care for their own." So far, my mil policy only offer if she is admitted to the hospital for skilled nursing. I never understood why not offer the help to elders from their insurance at home like u mention for we do pay them enough every yr.
Bonny I agree with you. Many are living longer, but they are usually outliving their bodies. I think of both of my parents who have been on BP meds for probably nearly two decades. They probably would have both been in heaven by now but they are still here battling multiple health conditions including alzheimers, cancer, diabetes, macular degeneration, arthritis to name a few. My husband and I are looking in to a longterm care policy. It is set up to include those services I mention, but we've probably waited too long to start paying into it. Also, they only pay out for 4 or 5 years. I have a sister who is now on Medicaid. She is mentally disabled, and I believe the services available to her are maybe better than what is available to elderly on Medicaid. Yes lildeb, our system is messed up. Hopefully things are moving in the direction that families can receive support to keep loved ones at home - hospitalizations and nursing homes aren't always better. Another thing, we need to make sure our wishes are put in writing as to what we want for ourselves.
Peoplepleaser, you also know the agony of watching a loved one, while being happy to have them around, you watch them be sick for so long with old age illnesses and you die a little yourself each day as well.
peoplepleaser, I agree n I took care of that the other day n filled out an Advance directive form for myself n had hubby do one as well.

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