By the way, I did not use the word "heck," for my discussion thread. The moderators replaced my original word.

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We are living an incredibly tough life, and those that run this site are concerned that the language, even the most modest of terms, may offend, and choose to change that common H word for "decency sake?" I sense the person from who made that call probably doesn't deal with a parent or other loved one who is going through what we do. In fact, I'm absolutely sure of it. Well, the "heck" with that!!!


Dun, there is a very long thread about that issue, since they changed your word. It's titled " am I assuming correctly that we lost.......due to bs? I started it. try to find it. Most of us were strongly on your side.
I think it's pretty strange that the Bible uses the word "hell" and we can't? I mean, it is a location, like Cleveland. No offense.
Well, darn, geez and golly gosh. Thanks you guys have lightened me up tonight. What the heck.
Can we say fecking? The British say it for the f word. I like it. I am going to make it "my thing". It will be fecking great! ;)
Hey-Christina!!!--I resent the Cleveland reference for H3ll--;0). I am from the land of Cleve, as my husband calls it. J/k :oP
How about Toledo then, Mishka? I spent a year there one day ;0

There's also "frak" was used in a short lived sci-fi TV show called Caprica...a prequal to Battlestar Galactica. (Yes I'm a fraking geek)
You are so nice mishka, I'd never say feck you to you! Comic relief. We are so fecking mature.
You've raised a lot of heck here tonight, Dun.
A bunch of aging care siblings by choice having a little fecking fun here tonight!

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