Diabetes risk factor.

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I have read that belly fat is a diabetes risk factor. Should I worry about my muffin top?


I don't know what good worrying will do you, but it would probably be a healthy choice to lose some weight if you can.
I think that the distinction between "apples" and "pears" has been discounted, and that any fat is not so great no matter where it is on your body.

I have become one of those annoying people who is dieting and likes to tell the world. I am using my fitness pal, which is a free online version of weight watchers. My daughter forced me to do it so she wouldn't have to do it alone.

In 90 days, I have lost just over a pound a week. I have a digital scale that shows two-tenths of a pound, and I record my weight and look at the chart every day. Some days, I eat breakfast and just strawberry shortcake for dinner. Other days, I have 8 little snacks. When you look up the calories in what you eat, you start to enjoy certain foods less. I will eat a small portion of fish and chips, and eat ALL the fish, but only about 7 french fries, because there's not enough deliciousness per calorie, in my opinion.

If you want a diet buddy, I volunteer.
PS: I am more afraid of diabetes than I am of cancer.
Jinx, I like your scale -- deliciousness per calorie! Awesome. I've become quite particular about chocolate. Why eat mediocre stuff when the awesome stuff has the same calories? Also, the great stuff tends to cost more, and that is another deterrent to eating too much. I hadn't thought of it as a "deliciousness per calorie" decision, but that describes it exactly!

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