Gardeners, will you help me? What’s the best way to deter deer from fruit trees and garden vegetables?

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What’s the best way to deter deer from fruit trees and garden vegetables? Some people say sprinkle hot peppers. Others say, fence around them or lay the fencing wire on the ground. Also, I would like to know what are companion plants for apple trees. Some book says pond algae are good. How do I know the pond algae do not have disease? There is abundant information, and I am so tired of just reading and researching. Last year, my husband said he used to climb an apple tree and picked the apples off of the tree and ate them while he was reading comic books. I wanted to create one of his good days, and so I bought some apple trees. Right next day I planted them, young leaves and tiny fruits were all gone. This year, I would like to make something better to protect the apple trees.


We use Deer Repellent Packs with great success. They are easy to use (just hang directly on your trees) and they are all natural and use a deer's keen sense of smell to your advantage. You can check them out at: website: DeerRepellentPacks
12 gauge deer slug..
I knew the gist of Captain's answer as soon as I saw the question.
Thank you for your help! I decided to use hot peppers with soapy water. So far, it appears to be working. Light now, my budget is very tight, and so I will look into some other strategies at later time.
One of my books says seaweed solution is good as a natural fertilizer, but it does not say how to make it. Would anyone know about it?
Today, my husband looked so weak, but he chuckled and said, "Yes." when I asked him he would like to be a farmer with me.
I am also looking for the information on how to grow edible lotus, Nelumbo Nucifera. One of my books says it makes phylum loosen up and helps get it out of the throat. I have looked for fresh ones for a quite some time, but have any lack. And so, now I am looking for alternative way to get it. Hope to find out soon.
We used yellow dial soap, successfully. We broke the bar in half and placed it in the trees.
Growing apples is a skill. Proper pruning, dormant oil, good fertilizer. Nets won't keep deer away. Squirrels love apples too. A good nursery will have the right repellent spray, but almost anything that masks the apple scent will work, including hot pepper, perfume, mint, soap bars, and balls of human hair. I have to say most wildlife hates human scent.
Funny, I had heard coyote urine. The googled coyote urine deer repellant, and deer repellant packs resulted from the search.
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they hang out here and eat the peaches and apples. i dont care much. they just are a constant concern on a motorcycle. i commuted on these roads for 13 years on the midnight to 7 am shift. a most dangerous time for deer activity. the only accident i ever had was a busted leg from kicking a dog in the face at about 40 mph. but. a deal is a deal. get too close you eat boot.. he ate boot but ive got enough screws in my left leg to install a screen door.
man im so wired on ribavirin that ambien wont touch it. so im up and not opposed to talking about coyote piss.
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