I'm new and desperately trying to reach out for help and support.

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Is there a place you can blog on this site? Blogging, even if no one reads it, is a good outlet for me. I'm filled with anger from being bullied and guilt of wanting it to "end". Thanks for any input.


No, unless the Admins specifically allow you to create a blog.

You can create thread as you've done now. Check the Discussions section to get an idea what others have done.
Hi Patty, welcome to the forum. Every forum is like a mini blog. Some have one or two answers, others have hundreds and thousands of answers. There are a lot of wonderful people on the forums, from all over the world.

Tell us what is going on in your life. I see from your profile you are taking care of your Dad, what issues are you facing? We are here to lend an ear and a suggestion or two or fifty. All of us here are dealing with or have been dealing with caregiving, be it hands-on or logistical.

Do you live in the States or across the pond?
Hi Patty I am also new to this forum. Sometimes it is helpful to see that others feel or think the same things. I would like to know if I am doing things right with my mom. I thought it would be different and enjoyable as I fulfilled my daughterly duties to my parents. My dad passed away first and mom is passive aggressive. Dad was a strong Navy man who amazed us all on how long he lived in his pain. He also was an abusive alcoholic to my mom. Now she barely speaks of my dad. I say this only because if we can't talk about my dad, we can't talk about my dead sister and we can't talk about my worthless brother ...what do we talk about? I've asked mom what her favorite memories of me were and she said she had none. I said mom I'll give you 24 hours for you to recall things. Next day she said nope she had no fond memories of me. Now I may not be the prize daughter, but I was a good student, did not run around, drink or smoke. I have tried to honor my parents and now I feel as if I'm failing. Mom is easy to care for compared to so very many that post in this site. Having said this I also am angry more than I should be. I want this resentment to stop and enjoy what time I have with my mom. Maybe us venting together will help.
I made my own blog in 2005 by using yahoo. I just made me a folder in there called MY BLOG and I email myself blogs then move them to that folder. I use it for that & for my kids to have after im gone. I also made a folder there for home movies etc I may film on my cell then I will send over to that folder.
I care for my cousin one week a month. I fly there to take care of her, give the paid caregivers a respite, and to be able to love her as much as I can. Even just caring for her that 7 to 10 days is exhausting. I have extreme emotional swings and worry the entire time I am gone that her care is being handled with love. She is like a mother to me and I keep telling myself to relax and enjoy who she is now. It is very difficult to stay calm, happy and focused on her well being. All the while feeling tired, overwhelmed and emotional. So, this was probably no help, but I feel better saying my piece.

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