Depression has taken over my life and I don't care about things and I am unable to perform daily tasks at home. I need someone to help me.

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you have found a friendly, supportive place here. you reached out for help, so that is a good sign. what is your caregiving situation? Have you seen a doctor and asked for help?
Are you able to talk to neighbors, friends, or family? Are you eating, getting fresh air and exercise? Do not despair--many here will respond to you; you are NOT alone! Don't worry about the tasks at home right now--you are drained and the tasks can wait for you to recover! OK? Janet, HANG IN THERE! HUGS!!
Reading what you wrote so reminded me of myself. I put off today, what i can do tomorrow is my attitude. I keep my house clean but i used to do so much more. with odd hours that i sleep since my mom who had demintia is up and down all night and will sleep like a baby in the afternoon. i dont work and take care of her full time, with a little bit help from friends (no family) so i do what i can. my heart goes out to you. sometimes i force myselp out of bed to take care of things, but then i find my self grumpy, tired and snappy.
I am so very sorry. I have been sad for many months now, not clinically, but I feel and know the difference in myself. Do you know what the reason for your depression is? Or, has it just crept over you for no apparent reason?
depression came over time. seeing my mom get worse and knowing my family doesnt care or call. im getting my mind together one step at a time. not easy. i lose "me" from time to time.
janetd16, how are you doing now. The situational depression that you describe is very serious. I've been there and lower. Thus, I am on an anti-depressant. I think you need a qualified therapist and a psychologist at this point in your life's journey.

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