My depression is fading.....getting myself back - Want to share with others

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Having been a caregiver for 10 years, the stress is killing me. Lots of health issues popping up.
Depression being the worst because it harms everyone around me...hubby gets the brunt. I am on meds.
I have SAD........Seasonal Associated Disorder....since my teen years.
Live in the gray dreary mid west...Indiana
On Dr. Oz he talked about "light therapy"
Got on amazon....ordered the most popular, not most expensive unit for $80.00 also has an ion thing.
It is AMAZING. My mood has swung back to like I'm free in the warm spring weather. It sits by my laptop on desk, where I spend most of the day since I am home bound with taking care of mom. If I breaks I will immediately order another and will never be without. They say use for 30 minutes a day...i'm addicted. I have it on several times a day for an hour or so (safe). THe light ion smell reminds you of a warm summer day.
This will get me through winter....I even spend most of summer inside, because of depression. My husband is amazed. Hope this can help someone. I wont give the brand but it sits up so convenient for on desk. about 20" high, 11" wide (ust guessing, not measuring - its white and like I said 80is dollars.


ps It does not bad rays or effects. Look up "light therapy" on Mayo Clinic.
Best present I ever bought myself.
Husband not depress, but he said it made him feel better, lighter and happier.
Next best thing to living in Hawaii I reckon.
Bee, its certainly worth a try since I'm spending most of my time in the black hole. Thank you for sharing
WOw congrats! I wish light therapy would cure my dependence on depression meds. I've tried it but I don' treally have SAD to begin with.
Bookworm...I'm on depression meds too. But am worse in the winter...snowing today.
Dr. Oz suggested SamE - a supplement, a week or so ago. I think I might add it. Others like St. Johns Wart can't be combined. But first look it up before you do anything. And check drug reaction. Hugs :)
Thanks for sharing about the light therapy, I was just thinking I prob have SAD, as my mood really went downhill as the days got shorter. I like watching DR Oz too!
Golf, my mother takes SamE. She likes it. My old therapist used to recommend it. Maybe I will ask my psychiatrist about it.

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