Help! I am so very depressed with being the only caregiver for my mother for the past 5 years. I do not have the strength to go on!

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Tell us more nalexander. Somebody may have some ideas on how to help. Caregiving is often lonely and taxing, so most people here will understand how you feel.
I am in the same boat as you. I am the center of my mother's world and it's very difficult. My suggestion is to try to get away as much as possible whenever you can. Perhaps you could either hire an aide or ask a neighbor, friend or relative to give you a breather. I could not survive if I didn't have breaks. As soon as I am back with my mother, the misery takes over again. But at least I am happy when I do get a break. Hope this helps some.
I feel so badly that you are feeling so depressed. It is sooo difficult being the only one taking care of your mother. Caregiving is extremely stressful and so many caregivers feel as you do. If you wish to share more, I agree with the top post that someone might have helpful ideas and might be going through the exact same thing. Long story short, my mother is in a nursing home and my mother in law lived with us and had alzheimers until she passed away this year. I understand being the only one and it can truly effect your health. The nursing home my mother is in is lovely with quality care. Don't know your circumstances if this is an option for you. Depending on the circumstances, it can be the best option.
Many of us are 'sole care-givers' with no one else to help - or with family who choose NOT to help.

I appreciated this discussion and you may find some useful tips by reading these posts. May have to cut/paste the link into browser.

I think when one person has all the care giving responsibility with NO breaks - you can just about guarantee caregiver burn-out. Just type that into Google and 'take the test.' We make promises sometimes without realizing what that promise entails. The biggest thing is that circumstances change - the loved one's health status changes/deteriorates and the whole situation just overwhelms.

See an Elder Law Attorney - explore your options. You have more than just your mother to consider. Hope you find a solution or a way to cope. Take care. We understand.

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