She NEVER forgets where the cookies are!

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My mom has moderate dementia I have child locks on all the kitchen cabinets. She forgets what we talked about 10 mins ago, asks the same questions of me over and over. The other day I did not engage the lock on the sweets cabinet with out realizing I had done so. I was doing laundry in the other room, when I returned she had a whole package of cookies out and her and the dog were feasting on the whole pack. My poor dog looked about to burst, and mom said " I didn't take any cookies out" as she sat with a mouth full. It amazes me after months of not going in that cabinet at all, she can still remember where the cookies are. She has become a sweets


oops I leaned on the enter key. addict since the dementia has progressed I cant leave anything sweet around. How can she remember were the cookies are after all this time? Its like she was just waiting for me to leave that door open, and the second I did she was in!
That is funny. Hope no chocolate to hurt dog. I think the sweet taste buds are the last to go, I've heard anyway.
Don't let things like this upset you. Unless she is getting into the bleach or anything poisonous, it is not hurting her. Put a variety of healthy snacks in the pantry, or one cabinet that can be hers. Show her "your very own pantry, Mom."
If you continue getting frustrated with unimportant issues like this, how are you going to react to significant matters when they arise? She will get worse, and it will be very sad at that point. Get control of your emotions and priorities and learn to laugh over the cookie stuff. Take a deep breath and think about it. Hugs.
When I get old and am doomed to have Alz/dementia, my family better keep out of the way of me getting into the cookies!! I figure I've earned it. :)
I wasn't upset, I was surprised that after months of not going in that cabinet she remembered the cookies were in there. There isn't much she remembers these days. Nope no chocolate in the cookies, the dog was a little lethargic most of the day though. If I were to give her her own cabinet for snacks, even healthy ones she would eat till she was sick. She forgets what and how much she eats I have to keep tabs on it. Mom still gets her tea and cookies, decaf, and a few cookies after she eats her meals. Knowing how she is about sweets I guess it really shouldn't have surprised me. I did find it funny, thats why I posted about it.
dreamweaver, this makes me smile. We just never know what is going in there, do we? thank you for sharing this!
Thanks for sharing this, I was smiling when I was reading because every Alz/dementia client I've had all know where the cookies are..... it is funny... and so much of thier ability to taste leaves them, but sweets they all love.... guess you'll have to get an alarm now...... and I can just see her telling you she didn't get into the cookies.... and the dog was happy too at least for a little while....made me smile, thanks.... hugs
There is no doubt in my mind at all that I will be able to find the cookies until the day I die.

Thanks for this cute story.

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