Dementia overnight decline.

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mom has had visuals at different time for years but suddenly this morning it got real. i asked her if she wanted breakfast in town, she claimed i threatened to gouge her eye out. took her to town she thought all the windows had been kicked out of the wendys resteraunt. they were dark tinted. it hasnt let up all day. she stood in my presence and talked to a little boy in the dining room. he doesnt exist but this is the first time shes openly conversed with the ' kids ' . she believes the house contains several people but its just her, myself and the parrot. she whispers to me so noone overhears us. i saw her stash money in a locked closet today. its a good thing i saw her cause she'll have the sheriff looking for it tomorrow . it isnt letting up. there are a steady stream of cars in the driveway, ducks in the yard, an ' elephant 'of a woman lying in her bed, etc.
oddly she is calm and often smiling , not under duress at all. called nurse, nurse will check for infection or fever but she told me the talking to kids and stuff was a pretty normal (re) gression of the dementia. it sure happened fast is all im sayin. im not letting it get to me and im not disputing what shes seeing, just downplaying any danger the intruders might pose. ducks in the front yard? meh, live and let live i say.. if i dispute everything she sees ill be the enemy in 10 seconds flat. it aint worth it..


Makes one wonder if the veil is lifted some when the dementia gets to a certain point. But, ghost ducks? - well, who knows, maybe.

Hang in there Capnhardass. We are here for you. ((((hugs)))
I'm glad you're there with her, capn. My mother is worse on some days than others. It sounds like you are handling everything well. The only malicious visual it appears was that you threatened to gouge her eye out. it makes one wonder what deep, dark recess of their minds they are visiting. We will probably never know. At least I hope we don't learn personally.

I hope that tomorrow is better for you and your mother even if it is only for a day. :)
You're doing everything right capnhardass. As long as the hallucinations remain benign it's best to just roll with 'em. If your mom starts to feel threatened or scared at all the best thing to do do is be calm and reassuring. Sleep can help too, so if you can coax her to lie down and "rest" for a bit their frequency might ease up. Hopefully the nurse will find a UTI (not a GOOD thing but the lesser of two evils!) and a course of antibiotics will calm things down. Sending you more (((hugs)))!!!
ive seen ups and downs on different days but this evening is like 2 hits of microdot, 14 beers and some goldbud. yea, thats how long its been since ive seen this much crazy in one place at one time. nurse sed it could be an extreme manic upswing and thats possible. shes a long way from sad. i dont like the sad but this is a tad unnerving.. shes using her swivel chair for a walker but its too wide for the doors. claims the rolling walker would collapse if you looked at it too strongly. i may have to fly up there and get her down.. metaphorically. lol..
I'm glad you are going to have Mom tested. A sudden increase in strange behavior could be from a uti. It could also, of course, be a permanent decline into a new phase.

An apparent decline for my husband always signaled some kind of physical ailment, and usually was the first symptom. When he started acting odder than usual I'd be a the lookout for a fever or an ache or a complaint, which usually came within two days. Occasionally the odd behaviors would clear up without any sickness showing up. I always figured there was something there but it never developed to be serious enough to show other symptoms.

PS...If there is duck poop in the yard tomorrow then it is time to question your vision and not hers!
The overnight part DOES sound like UTI. Definately best to roll w/hallucinations (but you knew that already!). There are some conditions that I have come across in doing internet research where vision loss can cause hallucinations in NON-DEMENTIA patients! Extremely vivid visions that can be described in the tiniest detail ("a girl of about 12, with patent leather mary jane shoes, ankle socks with lace, sitting on the chair in the corner..." etc etc). What is going on is that the brain is filling in images where the vision has suddenly disappeared.

In the strictly medical realm, is a detached retina possible?
BTW, have you ever watched "A Beautiful Mind"? Even had some of the same cast of characters (small child). The "other people" may be her brain's interpretation of the sounds in the house (living with a parrot...he counts as a "person" probably!).
damn, thanks for all the support this evening. there may be ducks in the yard but i saw kangaroos. i aint sure enough of myself to argue with her. " crazy " doesnt fall very far from the crazy tree iz what im sayin. ( sigh )
bummer. this isnt dementia per se, mom is having an extreme episode of phsycosis and wont go to the hospital with me. gonna have to call the rubber truck. shes gonna see that as the ultimate betrayal but its thorazine time..
((((((hugs)))) capn - hang in there -you gotta do what you gotta do.Hopefully she will forget the episode - make sure they check for an infection when she is in there. Good luck and let us know how things turn out.
were waiting on an ambulance. hope the thorazine has a y - fitting.. i needed some 3 months ago..

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