My mom lived in Florida seven years ago we brought mom to live with me. She keeps saying she wants to go home to Florida.

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Do you think this i a good idea? She is in moderate stage of dementia. She has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. I feel so bad don't know what to do. Sometimes I think yes and then I get confused.

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Where would she live in Florida? In a dementia care facility? While there may be many things about Florida she would like, living away from family is likely not one of them. She does not have the judgment to make sound decisions in the moderate stage of vascular dementia, in all likelihood. You need to make decisions in her best interest.

It may help you to know that wanting to go "home" is extremely common in dementia. My husband often packed a little bag and waited by the front door for a taxi (or train or bus) to take him home. He was at home, where we had lived for many years. They long for a time in their past when they weren't confused, when they felt whole. We know that going "home" is not going to provide that.

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