Mom with dementia has started talking about dad who died two years ago.

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Daddy died 2 years tomorrow...This afternoon mom, who has dementia, started talking about him. She usually asks if he's in the kitchen, has he eaten, things like that. But this afternoon she starts asking, when did he die, like she thinks just now, did she know, what happened to him, was he in the hospital, who will write his obit, and what can she wear to funeral, and has ambulance got him?


I guess that's normal for dementia patients my mom started to talk to her sister and cousins who have been gone for some time maybe she heard someone say something about him and it started her mind going take care
Reassure her that everything is taken care of and that she does not have to worry. If you start spinning what you think will comfort her, it will confuse her.
Simple, short and sweet:)

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