Dementia medication dose change.

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I increased the dose as the doctor recommended to 50 mg at night for my mother. She was so agitated at night and in the morning was totally confused. She is better now after one week of the new dose. What do you think?


What medication are you speaking of?
Yes, I also am curious of what med you are referring to.... As long as it isn't harmful and not causing further side effects it sounds like it is working. The thing to be cautious of is that most doctors are not studied on what is good for geriatrics specifically. The average Dr has no extra training for the elderly... it is good to find someone who has that extra bit of knowledge when it comes to caring for them as it is WAY different than dealing with kids and younger adults. I do my research as well as listen to the doctor as I need to feel at ease with what I am pushing down my mothers throat as well.... I have noticed over the years LOTS of the meds my parents GP were actually listed as contraindicated in the elderly!! I switched them to a nurse practitioner that specializes in Geriatric medicine. We are much happier now! :)
I meant to say LOTS of the meds my parents GP doc prescribed were actually listed as contraindicated. Sorry. Got ahead of myself... lol
This is the time to think about what you want for your dear one at the end of life. Does she have a living will? Have you filled out a form for DNR? (Do Not Resusitate) When I put my husband in a nursing home, I told his doctor that I did not want any medications that would extend his life. (Why would I want him to keep suffering with dementia? delusions? confusion? ) The doctor was so glad I'd made this choice. Now, the meds he gets are to keep him calm and an antibiotic to help clear up a urinary tract infection (UTI). I am heartbroken without him; but I wouldn't want him to suffer any more . There is no cure for dementia. Please take care of yourself,also! Sending hugs and prayers. Corinne
i took my mom to geriatric psyciatrist, after increasing the dose of seroquil from 25 to 50 , she suddenly much better and more on the normal side after increasing the dose , after 10 days of increasing the dose we felt improvement , i moniter her blodd pressure , chest pain, blood suger , just to keep her safe, psyciatrist goal is to decrease zoloft from 100 to 50, and seroquil from 50 to 25.
i do take care of her, pray for us

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