My mother wants me to give her back her expensive jewelry, but I am worried she will lose it or be robbed.

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She is 85, has had a stroke and suffers from dementia. She recently lost her new eyeglasses, her hearing aids, left her purse at a restaurant, it was not there when she went back. She hides things or wraps them in napkins then throws it in the trash.

I feel bad because they are hers, but she has lost so many things that cannot be replaced. Gold piece from the 1800's set in a diamond bezel. i also worry about someone robbing her and injuring her. The pieces I have are insured and are locked in a safe. I thought about having the pieces duplicated, but the jeweler said just to duplicate them would be very expensive.

Any one else face this situation?


Place each on a velvet background and take beautiful pictures or each from several angles. Have the pictures made into a nice book. Give mother the book and look at the pictures with her often. Let her tell you about where/when she wore each piece, or where she plans to wear each. Give her her memories of this wonderful jewelry.

This may or may not satisfy her, but it would be a very inexpensive solution to try, so what do you have to lose?
Thank you for your suggestion. That would be a wonderful way to handle it, but my mother would snatch the book out of my hand and beat me with the memories. I guess I forgot to mention she gets belligerent when she doesn't get her way.

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