Mother with dementia is losing her appetite . Will not eat or drink for 2 days.

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Mother with dementia will not eat or drink for several days now. She is very angry and lashes out to all. Seroquel not helping. Any tips to get her to eat?


Megace is a good appetite stimulant. works for my mom. Not sure about the lashing though. Ask the dr about Megace and another person wrote about Remeron, which is similar, and helps with sleep. Good luck Dragonfly. Tonio
Is your mother in end-stage?
No she is in middle stage, as far as I am able to tell. I realize it can progress at various speeds but she was diagnosed about a year ago.
Have you tried the drink "Ensure" - it comes in different flavors in a small can. My father loved it and was often the only thing he would consume. It is high in calories to build them up when they are not eating.
Ensure or Boost are excellent when a person won't eat. The Megase helped my father for a good while but then had no effect. Keep in mind that any calories are better than no calories. It's okay to use the Boost or Ensure. The last taste sensation to go is sweets and salt. Get recipes for healthy sweet things. A lot of healthy fruits and vegetables can be blended to partially freeze for smoothies or put in recipes in place of the liquid. At the point when a person doesn't want to or cannot eat anymore it is just not worth the fight. Do whatever works in your situation. This is a progression of the disease. Hydration is the biggest factor. That is why the Boost or Ensure is good, not to mention the nutrition and calories it packs.
Oh, and my dad takes Seroquel, too. Really helps. I had the doctor add Paxil for depression and what a difference! See if you can get an antidepressant on top of the Seroquel. It should help with her anger. If you can imagine, she probably feels trapped and out of control. Antidepressants help with that.

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