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I moved my 77 year old mother into our house 2 years ago. The past year has seen a rapid decline. She has always verbally attacked family members with paranoid accusations, but now she has taken to cussing like a thug, calling everyone liars, throwing things, etc. I feel like a heel for being at the end of my rope and wanting to put her in a nursing home. Stress levels are off the charts and I just can't do this anymore. Guess I'm not expecting help, but thanks for the rant.


Has she been seen by a geriatric psychiatrist? Meds for agitation and anxity may help.
Closetoit, sounds like it is time for Mom to be checked to see if she has an Urinary Tract Infection. Such infections in the older generation can make some act totally out of control. Thankfully antibiotics help clear up the infection.
I might try to confirm what is actualy the cause of the problem and then have it addressed. Has she seen a geriatric psychiatrist? After ruling out physical causes, I'd inquire about medication. Mental distress is very painful to the patient and not just those family members who surround them. Medication brought much relief to my LO. Of course, I'd explore the options for care, but, regardless of where she is, her mental distress would be problematic and painful to her as well. I hope you can find some answers and relief.
Thank you so much for the responses. Finally got her in to see her Dr and you were right about the UTI. Now on antibiotics so here's hoping things improve. The dementia has definitely progressed but the dr also thinks the UTI is responsible for the increased hostility. Thank you again.
I know I'm preaching to the choir but make sure she drinks enough fluids and water during the day. Also, after using the toilet tell her to wipe from front to back, (top down) never up because it's the particles of stool getting in the urethra that cause the bladder infection. Sorry, probably too much info.

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