Chronic UTI and dementia.

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My 89 year old mom with dementia has a chronic UTI. This has been going on for months and months. As soon as she's done with her antibiotics a week later it's back. Her dementia is getting so bad now I never know if her confussion, etc is from that or the UTI. Has anyone had a love one who has UTI's end up with kidney infections?

She lives in Assisted Living, and is receives Hospice pallative care. Her dementia is getting very bad, and she thinks she is being moved to different places all the time. She is starting to realize her mind isn't quite right, and she's so scared. I feel so bad for her.


You might want to follow up closely on the care she is getting / not getting in the Assisted Living facility! This was a constant problem with my father-in-law during his stay over the past year, and we found that he was just not being showered / cleaned well. They would not being changing out his underwear / depends when they would be soiled or even leaving him sitting in wet bed sheets until they were ready to help him. Sounds awful, but this does happen! Once we decided to bring him home under Hospice / Home Healthcare Agency they stopped occurring!
YourgirlCindy.....Hi, and thanks for your input. I will say she's getting excellent care. She's on Hospice pallative care, and they are very good to her. They are onsite at her assisted living facility from 6AM til 7PM daily. I know at a lot of places what you described goes on. I'm there a lot to see what goes on, so I feel her care is good. Although, none of the are perfect. Take care and I hope your father-in-law is doing well.
I have had this problem and it seems to me that the area at the urethral opening gets irritated and then the infection starts. I tried many creams and very good hygiene but it still was a problem. Then I remembered that Vaseline helped with suppressing the organisms in a previous skin rash behind ears etc. (from eating too much sugar!!). It suffocates the organisms and gives the area a chance to heal. All other creams seemed to feed the wee devils. It seems to be working to keep away the UTIs for the moment anyway. I was a nurse, am 78 and have had 6 children so the tissues there get a bit degenerate I think and cannot protect themselves so well.
LT...thanks. That's good to know. I'll pass that along to her caretakers.
Hi kihinshaw... My Mom has the same problem... We have actually done some testing to check on what is causing this... I was concerned that her bladder had prolapsed, but it hasn't . We also had a CT to check her kidneys, the structure is fine... SO I have chatted with her about cleaning herself carefully, and also drinking more. I got her cranberry juice, real cranberry juice and I do think it helps some... She is taking a medication at night, it seems to be helping some! My Mom also has some dementia... It is just HARD!!! take care...
My Mom who is 85 had this problem with on going UTI's even when I get her to shower daily. There was one day when she got up and got dressed before I could get her in the shower and sure enough a few days later she had another UTI. She does not have dementia but has suffered from depression through the years. She is not fastidious about hygiene and will sit in wet Depends. She does not notice a bit of a poop stain on her pad which I believe then creates growth of bacteria for a UTI. I make sure she showers daily and it has helped immensely. I have to encourage her at times to get up and change her pads which is an uncomfortable thing to tell my Mom but I just tell her it keeps her well and out of the hospital. Her doctor suggested putting her on a low dose of antibiotics and so far she has had no adverse affects from this. He said it has worked with many elderly people in keeping infection at bay. But I do make sure she eats yogurt and takes probiotics to keep good bacteria in her stomach other wise they can quickly develop diarrhea. Who ever thought we would be dealing with these intimate details with our parents? It's an education for all of us. We have to be proactive even with the doctors, sometimes they don't think to ask pertinent questions or take urine samples.
I understand sparrow it is like the role reverses and I am not totally comfortable with that...My Mother is extremely stubborn and it has become worse... I miss MY Dad so much she would listen to him!!!
There is a nightly pill to prevent UTI's so they never return, please get to a specialist asap, or call.
@Reverseroles, could you share the name of the 'nightly pill to prevent UTI's' you mentioned?
Yes, please share.

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