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I'm an RN in GA and work for a Medicaid Waiver program. The waiver I work for is Community Care Services Program (CCSP). In essence, the program is to keep people out of the nursing home by providing services to keep them in the community. To be eligible, finances must be reviewed. In regards to health, a person must have a memory impairment and/or a functional impairment (paralysis due to a stroke as an example). Depending on a person's or couple's monthly income, clients may or may not have to pay for the services. If you are burnt out and/or needing help providing care, call your local Area Agency on Aging to see what resources are available. Also Google "Medicaid waivers" in your state. Here's a bit more information on CCSP in GA.

Hope this benefits someone out there.


Bellastar, thanks for the information on the State of Georgia's Medicaid Waiver program.

Too bad not all the States offer such programs, and in the future we might see major cuts to those programs as the current Federal Government is looking to make cuts to Medicaid. Let's hope this doesn't happen.
freqflyer - I'm there with you in regards to Medicaid cuts. The interesting thing about these types of community based waiver programs is that they were created because it's cheaper for Medicaid to keep clients in their homes. Medicaid pays a lot more for someone to live in a nursing home. So if nursing home Medicaid gets cut, it's going to be a huge mess. And that's an understatement!
It's important to remember that a Medicaid waiver program is just that. It operates as long as funding or spots on a list are open. In Texas, the waiting list for at-home applicants as of April 2017 was full and there was a 1 year waiting period minimum. Getting old is not for sissies or less than wealthy citizens.

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