Dementia and UTI Infections

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Dementia is bad enough, tough enough to deal with. But should anyone see a more ratical change that doesn't seem to get any better, with ANY meds, please
check for UTI Infections. My friend just went through a living Nightmare, to the point that the family had to hospitalize their Mom. Blood results came back that
the massive confusion and alot of 'other' things that were going wrong, were all coming from a Urinary Tract Infection.. which I just found out is "common with" Dementia patients. And, 'as soon as' they got the infection under control, their Mom got immediately back to the place that she was before. Of course she still has dementia, but that 'other nightmare' is Over. For anyone whose parent gets
progressively worse with their Dementia, maybe seeing 'other' problems arising, and.. in a very short time, please check for a UTI infection which can be cleared up in a day or so.. Hope you don't mind me passing on this information that I myself just learned. Taking care of the UTI and also finding out she was dehydrated, made all the difference in the world again- for their Mom, for the family. It's amazing what we learn about the body even moreso with the elderly!
Anyway, just thought I'd pass this on in case it helps the next person. Who would have thought that something like this could have caused such a living hell?


I've noticed that, too. Thanks for sharing it. It's weird that a UTI can make that much difference but it is true, it really does.
My mother had a slight bladder infection and became almost psychotic. She was so ill and so mentally beyond that I thought she might die. She got better on an antibiotic in about a week. I don't ever want to go through that again.
My mom went though that for two years uti after uti with dementia she would see things become paranoid talk to people it was hell for her and us she passed on April 4 hopefully they will find a cure if they. Start acting different seeing things or just so confused check for uti it might just be the reason
I'm so sorry for your loss trunner.
May the Lord's peace be with you and your family.
A UTI will cause serious confusion and delusions. And many docs simply attribute this to progressive dementia. If people see a rather marked change in the course of a couple of weeks, ask them to check for UTI. Docs don't always automatically do it on their own.

My dad had chronic UTI for a long time. He'd get over it, and then it would be back. We increased the shower frequency and I also had him sanitize his hands before going pee.

A year later, he got a good one that would never quite fully leave. I felt it might have become systemic, so I asked the doc to give his primary antibiotic and then follow that up with a low dose sulfa med for 30 days. It kicked it completely.
My 92 mother who has vascular dementia had chronic uti's for about a year -- one after another and it did add to her confusion and adversely affected her well-being. Her primary care doctor put her on a very low daily dose of macrodantin. This along with her daily sitz baths has kept her uti free for several years. Her prescription plan will no longer fill the script (and her primary doc cannot prescribe it) due to concern about her long term use. She will now need to see a urologist (appt scheduled in about 1-1/2 months.) I'm hoping that during the time she waits to see her urologist, her uti will not flare up. I understand her health plan has to follow protocol but if it's working why try to fix it (so to speak)??? BTW -- this is my first post. Just signed up and I've been caregiving for 7 years now. (thankfully I just retired so that burden has been removed.) anyway, what a wealth of information I've seen so far. I also like the fact that I have recognized so many feelings that I have and am now experiencing.
A UTI can have those effects on any elder -- not just someone with dementia. It is something to always keep in mind as a possibility when behavior changes markedly and suddenly.
AGREED! My MIL gets frequent UTIs. She already has some dementia, but now we know that when she seems to be getting worse, we ask the staff at her nursing home to test for a UTI. We are always right!
My father has had 2 UTI since October. Hospitalized for both. He does have Dementia but he also has bad kidneys. All the dyes they shoot into your body for testing are extremely tough on the other organs in your body. He is paying now for all of the medical advancements of the past...
The first UTI, he came back from quickly and did great! This second one has really taken a toll on him. He was put in Rehab after he spent a week in the hospital. He is home now with a part time care giver.

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