dementia and bacteria infections

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when mom, who is 90, has a bowl movement ,and if some bacteria gets up her she gets agressive, nasty, will not sleep has ,extra strenght.and so on. doctors are saying it is her dementia. but she only acts like that when this happenes. also when she gets a urinary infection. how to prevent this?


Someone needs to help her with hygiene - ie. wipe her bottom front to back, and ensure that her underwear is clean. The best thing to ensure no fecal matter stays behind is use an incontinent cleansing product with the toilet paper especially if her bowel movements are not solid.

My mom's urologist also put her on a low dose of nitrofuratonin and a diet that helps tremendously - it takes planning and about a month to get things stabilized. warning, no chocolate, or even decaf coffee.

Good luck - we were not brought up to talk about poop - but that is how uti's happen.
I have done all that and mom is on a low dose of bactrim.we wipe and clean her good. I give her kefif, multidophilus powder,yogurt, no chocolate or coffee. i just keep thinking there has to be something else i can do?
1. Insufficient nutrition. More than a few learning have found out that many elderly people have an insufficient intake of calories, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

2. Late detection of urinary tract infection in the elderly is highly related to the often asymptomatic presence of bacteriuria.

3. Weak Immune System.

Urinary tract infection is the most common infection in elderly people and is the most common cause of bacteremia. The pervasiveness of bacteremia is very much related with age.
Communicable diseases are common source of increased morbidity and mortality in aged patients.

4. Lack of care. Sometimes, the elderly do not know whether they are contracted with UTI unless they learn about the symptoms. Many urinary infection among the elderly went untreated or untold.

5. Not drinking enough fluids also.

6. Immobile increases the chance of developing UTI

I hope this helps.
If you are doing all that and the low dose of bactrim is not helping, then the urologist needs to re-evaluate what is going on. Before my mom was stabilized they tried several heavy duty antibiotics till it was finally undercontrol. It may be that you just have to keep on top of your moms doctor. UTI's are wearing on elders & their caregiving kids.

In our experience cutting down on dairy really seems to help. You might try oatmeal in the am with just a little milk, and increase vegetables, especially tomatoes if you can. Drinking alot of fluids helps too.
Cranberry juice is supposed to be good for the kidneys and will help with UTI problems. You can also buy cranberry pills over the counter at Walmart. I know how you feel, my mother has been bedridden for 6 years and she is constantly having infections. My problem is that she never has any symptoms (pain, fever, etc). The only way I know is that her mind gets really bad and she is ill-tempered and angry about everything. I call home health and ask them to come and get a urine sample when this happens. It seems that there is always something or someone to fight when you are caring for your loved one at home!

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