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Mom is in rehab now but they have decided her next step is a nursing home. Mom has COPD, pneumonia (3x), c-diff (3x) and dementi. She refuses treatment, curses out nurses, and refuses to eat. I'm sure she doesn't feel well, but it is affecting future treatment. This has been a rough 3 1/2 months.


It certainly sounds like a rough time! Was Mom hospitalized then released to rehab? Often with dementia they cannot cooperate enough with their care plan in rehab.

Do you have a nursing home picked out? Is Mom on Medicaid or will she need to be? That is another big milestone to complete, if you need to.

Keep us informed about how things are going, and about questions you have along the way.
Yes. She was taken to the hospital and release to rehab. She has basic Medicade. I am hoping to find a place close to home.

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