My husband suspects my deceased father is a victim of identity theft.

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My husband gained poa of his mother's estate after his father died. Now he suspects his deceased father is a victim of identity theft. Can he legally run a credit report on him. If not, what should he do.


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I'm so sorry! I'd see an attorney considering that his father is deceased. It could get tricky. Maybe the bank has identity theft protection, so that could be his first stop, but an attorney may be needed. Good luck.
If you have his social security number and can answer a couple of questions about where he lived or a bank loan, you can go to and get a credit report once a year, free, without having to give your credit card information.
I just ran one on my mother. They wanted to know her social security number and to pick out of a list of three figures how much she owed, and from another list of three names, to which bank. After I answered the questions correctly the site showed me all of her open and all of her closed accounts. Thankfully, there were none that we didn't already know about.
Thank you for the info inmate 21. Will give it a try.

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