The death of my mom two days ago.

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To those that remember me I had originally asked about pain medications given to my mom in Hospice nursing care. Just want to give an update my mom passed away on Tuesday, 02/25. We knew the end was coming but when I got called with the news of course I was devastated. I am now at the airport waiting to fly back to Michigan from California. Missed my original flight as we took longer to drive with accidents on the road. Now scheduled for 3 1/2 hours later but on standby. Hope I make it there today. The funeral is Sunday, but have to get with our clergyman and funeral director, etc. To the person who asked how long it can be anywhere to days to a couple of months or even longer.


Karen, I'm so sorry about your mom. My own mom died in 2011 of cancer and she also had Hospice caring for her when she died. I've noticed how small things remind me of her and how much I miss talking to her. At my age now, I look down at my hands and see granny's and mom's hands in my lap. I put on a pair of reading glasses and walk by a mirror, just to see my mom's face staring at me. When at a family function, I hear someone say something that mom or my grandparents said a hundred times. It's spooky, comforting, sad and happy all at the same time seeing and hearing the past and the echoes of the people I love and miss so much still around me. I think that makes it all the more important for us who are alive now, to leave the best 'echo' for the ones we love when we're gone. So although they are sad, those memories will also be spooky, comforting and happy. For me, some time has passed, so those memories of my mom are happy. Sorry again about your mom. ♥
May your angels guide you. Try to be happy for mom who is free.
Karen, I don't know you but I understand. I wanted to offer my deepest condolences. There is nothing like losing a parent, no matter what the circumstances or their age. Losing a mom is heartwrenching. Stay strong and know you have friends here.
What I have learned from my friends is that a single death can transform your life, especially if the death is that of your mother or father. And it doesn't matter whether that parent was beloved or resented, whether the relationship was close or distant, warm or cold, harmonious or hotly conflictual. It doesn't even matter how old you are, or how old your parent was at the time of death. For most people, the death of a parent, particularly when the parent is of the same sex, is life altering.

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