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It's amazing how quickly these special days roll around so quickly. It was quite a challenge finding an appropriate Father's Day card for my Dad, and here I started looking over 2 weeks ago.... Dad has a great sense of humor but way too many of the cards were stereotypical goofy references of which none would apply to him, or some cards were too sugary.

This morning it was trying to find a cake... went to a grocery store that has THE best cakes but found only cupcakes with a Father's Day reference, bought those plus it was something different. Now for Mother's Day, I had a lot of choices of "Mother's Day" cakes. Maybe men prefer pies or ice cream cakes or no cake at all???

Gifts for Dad are always easy, he loves wine and the newest and greatest battery chargers. Oliver Garden carry-out is doing dinner :)


I took my father to one of his favorite restaurants for ribs, one of his favorite foods, then to the Dairy Queen for dessert. At this age in his life, these kinds of quiet events mean more than gifts and items, of which he has plenty!

Since he doesn't drive any more, going out to eat means a lot - a chance to get out of the house, to have a good choice of foods, and just spend quiet time together.

As for food, I bought him a pecan pie, one of his favorites, which he really prefers to cake.

You're right that so many of the cards are standard issue. I usually use cards with related art work on the front and just write my own message. Years ago I used to make my own cards but haven't done that in awhile.

Occasionally I've seen "difficult living" cards with appropriate sentiments, but they always seem so depressing.

It is sometimes a sad day though, as given his condition I'm wondering if this holiday and our birthdays will be the last ones we'll spend together.
I think you did great! Its ok to be different with cupcakes :) For my dad and grandfather Im going to make a cake today and spend time with both.
I miss my dad on Father's day. 15 year s ago he died unexpectedly from a heart attack. He wasn't in the greatest of health (high blood pressure, diabetes) and he loved his Manhattan drinks too much but at least he went fast and didn't suffer any years after years of mental and physical decline like mom is right now.Daddy and I used to laugh @ the father's day cards. Daddy hated golf,fishing,wasn't handy with tools but he was a born comic. Hope I go fast like him not like my mom.
I have no one to celebrate this father's day. Just memories. Celebrate 'em while you got 'em.
Father's day came and went. No one in my siblings here on island came to visit. Not even a phone call.
My Father passed 32 years ago. I always thought of him as the best Father in the world. Well, someone has surpassed him. My youngest son Brian, who was 11 months old when he died, is THE best Father I have ever known. Just wanted to share my pride, rather than my grief, for a change.
Bookluvr thats so sad stuff them i hope you and your dad did something special. Tough day for me mum whinging all day i had to go to my room to cry over dad. i lit a candle for him hes dead 7mths. When you are sad over your dads death and looking after a bitter negative woman who is moaning all day you are at your biggest challenge i wanted to scream at her today to just pisss off and leave me alone. I told her i was lighting a candle for him later and she said WHY? he dosnt deserve it youre an idiot.

Hugs Bookluvr its so sad on days like this when youre doing it all alone.
my sons didnt call today . they knew dad was working -- they just dont know why . dads going to wacken metal fest in germany in a year or two and theres nothing they can do but glare at me ..
suckers !!
2nd Father's Day without mine... it probably won't ever get easier.

I did get a call/text from my son wishing me HFD. He forgot Mother's Day... I didn't answer or reply.

Happy Father's Day Cap'n. You were/are a good son.
The cupcakes I had bought my Dad had those *Happy Father's Day* and "Dad* stand up plastic decorations stuck into the cakes.... gave my parents the cupcakes for desert and then I noticed they were trying to eat the plastic decorations... OMG... I had to quickly tell them to STOP while I removed the decorations. Apparently their eye sight is much worse than I had thought. I won't do that again.... [whew].

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