Yesterday was the day from HELL trying to do everything for my elder mother who appreciates nothing.

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when we got home we had to fax all the info all over the world it seemed like! me and my husband we at each others throats, we were tired, and just fed up at that point! Then to top it all off, my mom called about 4 times in succession, to complain about the shitty smelly roomate, who is really sweet and is very sick, mom decided she would be mean and nasty and take it out on her screaming at the top of her lungs how she stinks and that her husband should do something about it, since by then he had arrived....She tried to put me on the phone to advocate for her, and I was hoping that would happen so I could profoundly appologize for her!, but it was too late he was gone, he must have been so so hurt!!! Not only did I tell mom she owed them an apology, but me too as she kept interupting some very important paperwork we were doing FOR HER............anyway, I guess someone really died and made her queen as she is truly stepping over her boundaries and being a mean and nasty lady again!


Oh Susan, I"m sorry you went through the day from hell! When I saw your "headline" this morning, I immediately could relate, and felt immediate sympathy for you. Some days just feel like misery, pure and simple. I know, it's hard---and I have to say, you definitely went through a VERY bad day, and you have my sympathy.. As I read through your post, I could see that you "kept it together" through this awful day, and "did your duty", so to speak. I am proud of you! Some days it just feels good to go to bed at the end of the day. I have thought that maybe that's one reason God created a sleep cycle for humans. The eyelids will shut after a number of hours being up working, no matter what....and we get rest. Hang in there Susan. You are obviously doing all you can. And that's all we can do.
Susan, ugh. That sounded like a really awful day. I remember when my mom was in the rehabilitation hospital, yelling, trying to check herself out and I was apologizing left and right. It is no fun being the daughter sometimes. Hang in there!
U are NOT kidding, I just wanna throw in the towel sometimes, but unfortunately yesterday I needed it, to protect us from the rain!!! lol
Oh my! Yesterday was a day of hell for me too. The difference was that I was dragging my parents (that's what it feels like with my Mom... dragging) from place to place in 100 degree heat. I did not think the day would ever end but I made it home to a cold shower and today is a good day, I am alone!
I love my parents and am glad they are still here but some days the demands just get to me. My mother's question (after 2 1/2 hours in the grocery store) was....Do you have PMS? Probably something worse.....senior day at the store so they can save $4.00 is really not worth it!
Hope your day is better today.
God Bless!
I don't care if people would hate me for this comment, but I am trying to solve your problem once and for all; maybe!!
I clicked and i couldn't tell you how you could put end to this problem. maybe you should not give your mom your telephone number and she won't bother you
just call her from a payphone once a day? not? what do you think? too cruel??.
I just wouldnt have the heart to do that.........I am really all she has! there is noone else! I wish it were that easy.........but yeah that might be a bit extreme.........things are slowing down now a bit with the calls though, I really dont think she can see to dial now that well, and cant find someone willing to do that 45 times in a row lol
Glad things have slowed down a bit. Sometimes it seems like everything comes in spurts and that is when we get overwhelmed. I don't know what would be worse, doing everything yourself or having brothers and sisters that can't even respond to a simple email asking for help, (I'm done with them!) I am gong to have to take back a couple of tee shirts I bought at Walmart-woo hoo- to get gas money to go to my parents this week.

Oh sorry, blabing about myself, will have to put that in another post. :)

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