Dealing with both parents health issues.

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I read about the sandwich generation and I am beyond that. I am a giant OREO. Both my mom and dad are in assisted living with dementia and my dad with dementia and parkinson. I am also the guardian of my severly disabled 40 yr old brother that my parents were caring for up until 3 wks before they went into assisted living. I also am a new grandmother. So I have 2 walkers and 2 car seats in my car at any given time.



Yes, you are a giant Oreo. You are amazingly sweet to take on these responsibilities.

Please try very hard to find time to enjoy the grand babies. Other people can sometimes care for your brother and your parents, but only you can be Grandma to the little ones.
Thank you for the reminder about being a grandma...they are the sunshine in my life especially when the days are hard with my parents.

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