Adult Diapers... The Embarrassment Involved.

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Many of us with again parents have had to deal with the embarrassment (for all involved) of incontinence and adult diapers. I thought this discussion could be a place to not only provide support to each other, but also to perhaps be able to laugh a bit together about the misadventures we all face


the longer you're in diapers the easier it is to deal with. And believe me people cant tell you have a diaper on under your clothes,they just aren't paying attention.
When it comes to shopping for Poise, my Mom won't let me buy them through the on-line grocery store service because she doesn't want anyone there to know she needs such a product. Good grief, Mom doesn't know one person who works there.

I buy Depends ladies' briefs for mom, maximum absorbency. They work great. Even overnight. I call them disposable panties. Anyone calls them diapers gets corrected.
We recently tried Always Discreet, and mom raves about how great they are! Only problem is, she has a 3-mo supply of Depends to use up.....
Ok for the laugh.. Mom is getting over bronchitis.. she has coughed so much she needed depends instead of dad..LOL Today dad has a "bathroom problem".. and moms problems made her hemorroids act up. Yep,, I had to go to the CVS and buy a fleets enema and Prep H... And yes I went to a CVS where they dont know me!

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