I am a daughter of a hoarder.

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I am 42 and my father is an extreme hoarder. His house was condemned 2yrs ago from all of the stuff and ceiling that had caved in years ago. He and my brother (who is downs)have been staying here while we get the house livable again. I love him but we have never had a good healthy relationship. Is hard for me to even write this because for years I've had made excuses and hidden this fact. He's almost 80 now, in good health other than his hips (he walks with crutches because he won't go to a doctor. Anything and everything we discuss is difficult. ..he's always on the defense. Does anyone else here have a family member who has this problem?


I was going to give you some links but there are just too many!
Go to the on site search bar on the upper right and type in hoarding, you are definitely not the only one.
Thank you cwillie...I'm just so overwhelmed

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