Dead man walking.

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I just turned 50 and I just realized it the other day. Is that like grumpy old men.


50 doesnt change your frame of mind much but at 55 you might start feeling a little arthrit - ery .
I couldn't stop busting up laughing crying till my eyes burned from fried tiers. I didn't meant it like that man. It's just that it asked for a name of discussion. Ok well now that you mentioned. I think theres more your holding back. What else am I in for heeeeeelp!
well , since you asked , you will probably find yourself wearing out after only a 4 - 6 hr workday . you also have a real change of tastes and many of the things you used to enjoy either seem unimportant or require more effort than theyre worth . romancing the fairer sex ? na . you will be around a woman for 20 minutes and find yourself wondering where this ratchet jawed sob's " off " switch is located .
Sort of like when us women are around men for 5 minutes and wonder why with their bald heads and big fat guts they still think they are God's gift to women. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
It's okay for men to walk around gut sticking out and a bald head, but what about us women? OOPs, not talking about me...........I'll just go crawl under my blanket now. :::)))),, by the way, I have to wear glasses. too. Dont try to kick of your little man shorts off in the bathroom;;; you might stumble when it gets stuck on your toe, and then your toe breaks, and your ego breaks, and your significant other breaks down in laughter.... It is funny if you think about it. Don't go skateboarding either, especially after a few..... It really hurts when the cement hits the bone.
on my 50th I went zip lining. That was fun.. Empty the bladder first...
Now you have to go in, or should I say the doctors have to go in. scope around....Fun. I have avoided that for a few years now. It will probably back fire on me, pardon the pun.
Do you have geriatrics to worry about? Chalk that up for another fun adventure.
Us gutsy bald love goddesses think we are still gods gift to men. ARen't we?

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