Dead beat mother-in-law.

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My mother in law stays with our family 6 months out of the year. She gives her other son and family over 2000$ a month for all their expenses and never helps our family out. We received a forcloser notice and she told us to look at section 8 homes. I'm not asking for much just 500$ per month she is living with us for the extra food, water and electricity. Plus she makes me very uncomfortable in my own home alawys downing me and yelling at me. I think if she comes up again i am going to leave my husband. I had enough. i need a second opionion to make sure i am not crazy.


I am just wondering why your mother-in-law won't pay expenses when living with you and her son, but she will pay when living with her other son and his family. Any idea why? And how did you find out she was paying?
So did you have this discussion before she started staying by you half the year?. If not, have the discussion now. "Going forward, mom, we need you to..,"
Wow. You don't need extra company right now. Tell other son to keep her.
My brother in law quit his job 8 years ago and she has been paying for everything since. I found out what she pays because she leaves a monthly expense book out. She also pays for her grand daughters car, phone, insurance and gas. That is over $600 alone. Yes there was a conversation before she moved in. She verbally agreed to pay 600$ per month. We have not seen 1 penny in 8 years. What really makes me mad is brother in law has her debit card and can use it any time.
If im wrong please say so. I feel when you move in with someone either family or friend they are putting themselves out and it is only fair to help with living expenses.
Eight years? I would have told mother-in-law after the first six months that you cannot afford to take care of her. I am afraid now it is too late to do anything about it.
You may be right. Thank god she is leaving next week. One more thing i dont und
Understand my husband is the only one out of 9 children that she had that survived and his brother is adopted. What happened to treating your children as equals.

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